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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 29, 2013 at 7:49 PM

I am in my final year for my psychiatric nursing course and as part of it, I have to do 3x 13 hour shifts a week. I will be starting crossfit for the 2nd time and want to do it properly this time by adopting the paleo diet. I was kinda hoping on cooking my meals for the days I am on duty. Has anyone had any experience with this, i.e. what containers to use etc.

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5 Answers


on February 27, 2013
at 12:13 AM

Check out Nom Nom Paleo. She does hospital shift work, so reading her blog might give you pointers as to how she plans her meals. http://nomnompaleo.com/



on March 13, 2013
at 06:03 AM

I think Laura has a great idea for simplicity's sake, but I couldn't eat the same thing on my shift without going bonkers. Before my 3 shifts I usually cook up a bunch of ground beef or chicken, then make a big salad that keeps well, such as http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2011/07/tuscan-kale-casear-slaw (my favorite, with or without parmesan).

So I usually eat before work, then have a snack, then a 2nd meal. It might go like this: eggs, bacon, vegs for breakfast, jerky and apple for a snack, chicken with paleo pesto and red peppers and kale salad for lunch

I can take the same chicken the next day, but make a chicken salad really quick or something else. I also recommend Melissa Joulwan's "Well Fed" cookbook. She recommends doing a weekly cooking "WOD" where you cook up a ton of food so you can quickly throw things together. She's got some good suggestions on how to mix things up, as well as some really creative recipes.


on March 13, 2013
at 01:10 AM

I do 12s at a hospital. I'm on a 3 day stretch right now.
Yesterday I made a big fritatta and pork chops with vegetables to eat for my 2 meals at work the next 3 days. On the way out the door this morning I put a big roast in the crock pot and that will be dinner for after work. If you are making one meal it is very little additional effort to make 4. I think you have to be the type of person who can eat the same thing a bunch of times in a row for it to work. I put it in plastic containers and don't worry about it. Lots of people like mason jars and there are nice glass containers out there if you are iffy about plastic.



on February 12, 2013
at 09:47 PM

Hard boiled eggs for a simple, fast and delicious protein/fat option



on January 29, 2013
at 08:29 PM

Mason jars are easy and safe. Salad-in-a-jar, meat-and-veg-in-a-jar...

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