Large bowel movements in kids

Answered on September 04, 2017
Created August 05, 2017 at 11:58 PM

My son is 12 and has been having occassional super large bowel movements that clog the toilet, and, yes, it does resemble a brick in the toilet (had to put some humor there). He will hold it in during school and I am sure that is one of the causes (he frequently clogs the toilet right when he gets home from school). I've encouraged him to have a bm at school if he has to go but he said he is afraid of clogging a toilet at school. I think if he can get rid of his poop at school he won't be doing these bricks. I know it is very frustrating for him having to push out a thick poop.

I don't want to use laxatives just yet, so any suggestins would be appreciated.

Sometimes we take for granted the importance of having regular bowel movements, as this is the way our bodies get rid of waste. This is especially the case with kids as I would think most kids don't think about the health consequences when they hold in their poop.

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on September 04, 2017
at 02:35 AM

Here’s an update: Although I haven’t solved the problem of my son clogging the toilet, I have learned that kids will tend to hold off on having a bm while in school. My pharmacist suggested that he drink more fluids, and with the hot summer he has been. The clogging issue usually happens during the school year, which starts soon. I am not sure if he will maintain the high fluid intake during school but we shall see. Another thing which we discussed is to sit on the toilet and just relax to see if a bm can happen. I’ve asked that he do this before leaving for school each day. I think if he is able to do a poop in the morning then he may not have the urge at school.
Just as an aside, with the increased fluid intake I have noticed that he has a fairly large bladder capacity for a kid. For example, he sleeps through the night so when he wakes up in the mornings he has a very full bladder. He is tinkling the toilet water for at least a minute, full force. The pressure on his bladder and urethra must be immense holding back that much urine.

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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