Natural ways to help with narcotic withdraw symptoms

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 04, 2012 at 3:15 AM

My mother in law is addicted to pain medication and she wants to stop. I have told her she needs professional help, but she does not have any money and is currently homeless. She was staying with us for a while and is now staying with her brother. He recently took away all of her medication with the exception of her blood pressure medication, because he found her cooking a few pounds of vegetables, because she thought it was Christmas. I know this is not a paleo question but is there any advice on natural ways to help her with the withdraws. She says she really wants to get off the pills but we have heard this before when she has ran out of them. Her biggest addiction is Vicodin.



on March 04, 2012
at 01:20 PM

Try niacin:) It works!


on March 04, 2012
at 07:52 AM

Closed because you should see a real doctor and not paleohacks.

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4 Answers


on March 04, 2012
at 04:16 AM

Narcotics Anonymous...does not cost a cent. In my opinion there will be no natural remedy to cushion withdrawl.



on March 04, 2012
at 04:12 AM

Note: this question might get canned as a (quite serious) medical question. Paleo diet doesn't strike me as a great way to address it, at first glance.

Typically, opioid withdrawal is done by switching to longer-acting opioids with a bit less euphoria-promoting effects, such as methadone or suboxone. Naltrexone is also used in certain cases, and is on the opposite end of the spectrum as an opioid antagonist.



on March 04, 2012
at 04:04 AM

I'd say a Paleo-ketogenic diet might help (with coconut oil for cooking, offal, sea veggies, bone broth, fermented sauerkraut and home-made lactose-free yogurt, multi-vitamin supplementation + extra D3 etc). While on plain Paleo the brain fog most people have goes away, on Paleo-keto this becomes even more evident, as the brain stabilizes more (since it runs on ketones instead of glucose). Many people become "happy" on keto, and this is what I have found myself too after moving from Paleo to Paleo-keto (depression, ADD, bipolar etc going away for some keto people, from what I've read too).

The brain just changes its chemistry on keto, so I'm thinking that this might be a way to help with various addictions too (be it sugar, or drugs). Maybe I'm over-reaching here, but I can't think of another natural way to deal with this.



on March 04, 2012
at 04:03 AM

The brain will have its dopamine......there must be some replacement mechanism. Another drug, diet, exercise, .....the point is to make the things that actually produce this response positive to health rather than negative. Pleasure can be derived form either. Drugs produce a disproportionate load but can be offset. She has to be willing unless your going to flat out commit her.



on March 04, 2012
at 01:20 PM

Try niacin:) It works!

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