sea animals vs land animals

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Is Pescatarian Paleo Possible?

is there any benefit to eating seafood which seems MUCH healthier(on a coastal state where i can catch it all myself) vs land animals(where i dont have access to grassfed)

basically, can you just eat seafood and not land animals and still be a healthy paleo? i surely adore seafood WAYYYY more than any cut of beef and from the stats seafood seems much healthier. do you miss anything not eating land animals?



on August 19, 2011
at 02:23 PM

SORRY I TRIED A SEARCH...maybe i should have used pescatarian...lol thanks


on August 18, 2011
at 09:21 PM

i edited this to include a suggestion. Search for pescatarian in our search box for even more info on this, as it has been discussed often.



on August 18, 2011
at 09:18 PM

Great question, Mallory. I just recently tried a seafood and poultry only diet, and have to admit I felt like crap. There could have been confounding factors, though. And I wonder if it would help to eat some sea *mammals*, and not just fishies.

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