Paleo Science Fair Ideas?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 29, 2010 at 7:35 PM

My nephew is in high school and has to come up with a science fair project. He's super smart. He's already had physics, biology, and is in chemistry. His project can cover any aspect of science, it doesn't have to be in chemistry although that seems a natural fit.

What Paleo diet and lifestyle questions haven't yet been answered that he could do some real, scientific research doing? Any ideas? I suggested that he do something with this angle, and since myself and my sister have "gone Paleo" along with our families, he was pretty excited about the idea. His own acne, which was pretty severe, completely disappeared after three weeks on paleo. I'm nowhere near a scientist, though, so I don't have any suggestions for him! I told him I would post an inquiry here.

Thoughts or ideas?


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4 Answers


on August 30, 2010
at 02:30 AM

I'd go for fat oxidation/smoke point.

Easy enough, yet likely uncovered



on August 30, 2010
at 03:07 AM

Well, if he could get some humans to go paleo, he could gather some before and after bloodwork. I think the main issue is what types of mechanisms will be available to you for testing.

As far as not been done yet, you might be able to do some insulin sensitivity after fasting trials. I don't think that has been done with paleo eaters yet. Might be interesting to compare paleo eater insulin sensitivity to non paleo eater, and then compare again on both of them after fasting. YOu'd just have to convince some people to do some fasting. You would also need a way to test insulin sensitivity.

Another easy one for gathering data is blood glucose. You just need to buy a glucometer. Good ones can be had for $20.00. Just do your research about which are reliable. The more expensive ones are often no more reliable, they just have more bells and whistles. Plus you will need to buy some test strips, which are typically the more expensive of the pair. Then you would just need to convince people to let you take a drop of blood. YOu coudl do some tests to see how poeple's glucose respond to various types of meals. -Eva


on March 02, 2011
at 09:25 PM

Combine vinegar and baking soda into a paper-mâché mountain and claim that it proves Paleo. Trust me, kid, you'll get an "A" for sure.



on August 30, 2010
at 03:29 PM

how would you do the fat oxidation? I am also in highschool and that sounds like a cool experiment

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