How to eat a balanced paleo diet

Asked on August 07, 2018
Created December 16, 2017 at 8:53 PM

Im 25, i train 3-5 hours a day doing bodyweight movements and gymnastic-esque stuff. Most of it is moderate intensity.

My diet has been appalling, about 3500cals a day from sugary foods after training (chocolate, doughnuts, biscuits, ice cream, all refined stuff). Plus lots of saturated fat, protein, veggies, paleo food.

My joints are killing me, my cholesterol is high, my performance has become sloppy and slow, i feel very tired all the time. Please help, im planning to take 2 weeks off from training. I already know about paleo, im not gonna do high saturated fat or red meat. 

Im thinking of doing something like:

Eggs + Olive oil + fruit/veg

Chicken + olive oil + fruit/veg

Fish + olive oil + fruit/veg

Nuts + olive oil + fruit/veg

I want to do a meditaranean style paleo diet and not something extreme like high fat as ive been trying that for over a year and it hasnt worked. Please help. Im 20% bodyfat and need to get lean and shredded.


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2 Answers

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on December 18, 2017
at 06:11 PM

Taking a break from training sounds like a good idea. 3-5 hours everyday is a lot, and you may be suffering overtraining syndrome. When you start training again, I would suggest recovering every other day at least - doing nothing more strenuous than normal walking.

You can lose weight on any hypocaloric plan. If you want to do mediterranean paleo, then google 'mediterranean paleo.' Whatever you choose, you will have to eat less. That may happen spontaneously if the food is more satiating than what you used to eat. If not, you'll have to control portion size to avoid overeating.


on December 18, 2017
at 08:06 AM

When you are in paleo diet you can eat Meats ,eggs,fish ,fruits,nuts and seeds but you have to0 avois some foods like Sugar,Grains,Dairy products,Higly processed foods .Instead of vegetable oil you can use coconut oil and olive oil.You can drink green tea and coffee.Try to drink two to three literes of water.consume lots of vegetables and fruits .Instead of three meals you can have six in small portion.You can include applecider vinegar in a glass of water it is good for joint pain as well as weight loss.If you drinkinking apple cider vinegar water  don’t drink with meal.before half an hour of your meal and have your dinner before 8 pm .A simple diat plane is early morning drink a bayleaf tea at 7.30 have your breakfast .You can includeee eggs.Since you are traveling in train you can have nuts or almonds in train.Lunch you can have veggies and fruit evening have a  cup of green tea with nuts or makano. Dinner have a cup of papaya or pineapple or steamed veggies avoid other fruits at nightsleep 8 hrs,wake up early morning.avoid junk food .instead of fat milk try to have almond milk,soya milk or any non fat milk.if you can try to walk half an hour.You can use this custom essay writing service for any kind of academic writing work.

.at 5.30 drink  apple cider vinegar

.7 am  4Almonds

.8am breakfast  eggs,veggies

.10.30 One apple

. 1pm lunch include more amount of veggies

.4pm green tea with nuts or Almonds

7.30 Dinner  boiled veggies without salt


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