Iodine in Himalayan Pink Salt?

Answered on March 16, 2015
Created March 13, 2015 at 10:21 AM

I know that iodine is artificially added to standard, white, processed table salt. However, table salt is of a lesser quality in other respects, since being processed and bleached and so on. So I usually opt for some unprocessed Himalayan Pink Salt nowadays for this reason.

One thing that worries me is that I am not getting enough iodine from my diet in general. I however thought that Himalayan Pink salt is completely devoid of iodine, but apparently it isn??t, so I might not be be completely deficient because of this after all. I am wondering if Himalayan Pink Salt is enough to cover my iodine needs or not? If not, how much does it cover, if any substantial part at all? I sprinkle my food liberally 1-3 times a day with it (I don??t want to overdo the salt either).

An informative link link on this topic that I found:

Chemical Analysis of Natural Himalayan Pink Rock Salt


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on March 14, 2015
at 05:48 PM

sea salt has 8ppm I, which is not enough. I do not worry about it much because all the animals I eat got mineral supplementation, and also I get fish a few times a week. Occasionally I do eat seaweed.

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on March 16, 2015
at 08:56 PM


Salt, in its natural state, looks like the pink himalaya salt. Not like your processed table salt. Your problem is that you, erroneously, believe this (nutrition) is about chemistry when it is, in fact, about biology. Which goes to show how ignorant you are about nutrition (for starters). Btw, I have plenty of university degrees, but I also know that degrees dont count for much if you are not able to understand such things as contexts, which you obviously do not do (clinging to chemistry here is proof of precisely that).

Regarding the issue of the processing of table salt (which is what we discussed and nothing else), a quick google:


"Anyway, table salt is refined. That means its highly-processed. It is bleached, filtered, and stripped of other naturally occurring trace minerals. Then chemicals are added to keep the salt from absorbing water and clumping."

All I am asking is that you stop spewing your LCHF nonsense on my threads. I dont know how many threads you have destroyed for me with your ignorant babble, but it is at least a couple now. Please stop. If I could block you (I tried to look for such a function) I would, becuase you add ZERO value to my threads (you actually suck value out of them). Is it too much to ask from you to not answer my threads? Are you able to respect that?


on March 13, 2015
at 02:44 PM

It says Iodine < 0.1g/kg which doesn't say much about what it normally does contains. Usually this means that the levels are too low to be detectable by the equipment or to be nutritionally significant.

Unless you plan on eating plenty of dairy, seaweed or seafood, you could end up with a goiter??like those poor folks??in third-world countries (it used to happen in the US too before the US government required that table??salt contain added iodine). Table salt is perfectly fine, it comes from the ocean, has iodine added to it to prevent goiters and is dirt cheap, what's not to like.


on March 16, 2015
at 06:45 PM


You're an ignorant idiot. Seriously you should try getting a fucking education before making yourself look like an ass. Salt bleached? Do you even know what bleached means? Seriously where the fuck did you hear this shit you inbred cunt? Sodium Chloride is NATURALLY white. Holy shit did you even graduate form high school? Ever heard of chemistry?

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on March 13, 2015
at 02:54 PM


2% of it is "additives", such as anti-clumping agent, for starters. It has usually been bleached, and so on.??

I dont know why you keep insisting on answering my posts? We obviously have detrimental food philosophies. I am into clean eating and paleo and you seem to be a LCHF person focused solely on macro nutrients and completely ignoring/ignorant about such things as food security, the effects of processed versus unprocessed foods, heavy metal contamination, etc. Since you know this, why the **** do you feel such an obsessive need to mess up my threads with, for me, completely irrelevant nonsense? Why do you feel a need to hijack my threads and start a completely off-topic debate for? Too much time on your hands or what? Please, leave me alone. And I can only again point to the fact that you dont seem one bit paleo while this forum is named "paleohacks". You seem blind to this irony as well?

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