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Christian Jesse who forced them to face the reality is what they were doing to their bodies was like snap tonight we're going to see how super skinny Jillian and synthesize a head shot on a year after the cameras stopped rolling now if I have any on-screen actually makes me want tube sick to high-fat will also look back at four women on the road to recovery battling anorexia claim at play ship by guilty and we'll see how I'm Richardson and her team a flap fighters tried to beat the Tallmadge used welcome to supersize versus super skinny one year on last year the diet den welcomed super skinny single mom Jillian Russell from Inverness an average woman a five foot three inches should play around eight and a half stone not a big numbers at ninety seconds at any six Tony Jillian is almost two stone underweight24-year-old Jillian is in dire need of help she's starving her body with her SAFER COLON dangerous eating habits and the consequences if this are deadly serious have had health problems to do with my way and at 9p did and arraigned a team I've been in house well as well to this it looked axiom my plant I've got stumped problems to deal with my way I'm to them always call to night getting health problems I???m gay and I can???t D Lemay do something Julian has the body of a child and sheets like 110 I mean for here like taken don't like the day a lot of things I can think by and pick himself often a lot of things I've never tried but at I just know I don't like with most foods of the menu there is one thing that is guaranteed to fill jails she ducked down liters a fizzy diet drink all day long which makes her feel full enough to pull off she has diet phase for breakfast and lunch but as the mufti teeny tarts she feels pressured to eat something with them at dinner time plane crashed and I have been something that she any other manages kiddies size cautioned to stymie festival had two things might buy the impact says men going to happen and then especially difficult change percent to Houston naughty and then I've got to feeling where I don't make nice hungry anymore her eating issues need to be tackled.


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