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Asked on April 28, 2014
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I've got more top though it now I'm nothing's changed changed jobs work exiles walk us home sigh I get more top myself to tally used to using liquid sensitive soul into really its fate and they were caffeine containing the Queen's US cuddling play completely s9 caffeine tablets known energy drinks no caffeine at all us very impressive and tell me that I a lot more and lot more and J children Eveready when I just different thing one and thing now it's not money need to a while mom you???re still eating whereas before I don't know how I lived don't know how 140 kept me going can you see yourself slipping back tithe caffeine pills in a limited and restricted though and I Y 10 time because I prefer me now so than before doctor Christian reveals the results it's time for a fact fall to meet up again you to you right now think picture guys too generous to off with you what would you like SAFER COLON to achieve how much would you like to game tonight or I'd like to on 203 pounds you gained seven pound but yeah for my in see plays ecstatic yeah to think you know what I owe and that's thecae what about you got to scientific manner for pound but any class is back to Christmas via Road to recover now was going to cut straight toot you've gone a stunning Wow first time stop first time need out blockhouse to yes tell me what you would p for us hopefully studying double acts Tuesday and then ads 10 pounds and that's what you going to last two states have passed are you going to cry yeah call prizes for this is a happy moments what is up in death we stand compounds huge please relax despite that is yeah your Janet finally here film is really what would you like to the team eating pound the phone I can tell you???ve done a lot more than that three stone 1 but is massive hair it here I feel really she???s my cell and I just can't wait going to lose more the more successfully she's spent beyond as well is thanks tomato flexed as much so I have on sign claims I'm going to continue and on a few more pounds actually post on initial credit on ass.


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