Are we too stupid to think for ourselves?

Asked on February 25, 2012
Created February 25, 2012 at 4:36 PM

Personally I think this is kind of ridiculous. There is so much effort in the paleohacks community to massage the paleo brand and image--to protect us and the lay community from the quacks and the Kruse.

Has it crossed anybody's mind that we don't need this protection? I can read. I know how to think. I have faith that others do too.

Why do some people not have that faith? Do you really think we've become adults, raised families and adopted philosophies blindly? Do we need others to screen our exposure to branding and image?

Last I checked we live in free society with exchange of ideas and those who are permitted to have an opinion and voice it. Questioning the validity of a person's rationale and science is fine...but boycotting and criticizing a Paleo function because of one person's name on the roster? Vilifying rants on starch or VLC? Give me a break. Look back through history in any genre...people don't always agree--even in science. The discourse is what exposes the truth--not protectionism.

I like the spirited discussion. I love the colorful personalities. The cultish, demagoguery though and elitist type approach to make this into some kind of fraternity is off-putting.

Just state your opinion and share your experience--not protect the paleo image and try and control the message. Please don't try and facilitate my evolution. I'll get there on my own.

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