Terrible condition and suggestions getting out of it..

Answered on December 19, 2013
Created December 19, 2013 at 12:50 PM

Hello boys and girls!

I recently registered to paleo hacks and i have very serious questions, which arises from my sad situation.. Ok, let's get started.

I started paleo about 3 years ago, in 2010 fall. In the same year i started studying in university. Talking about my health before diet, it wasn't somehow special or bad: like everyone, i had minor "things", but nothing bad and seriuos. In the end, i was feeling good and i didn't had any sharp dissturbances in "self-being". My diet was very traditional and not in any way healthy. I was eating nearly everyting: cooked meat and other food, bread, oils, candys, to put it simple - mainly junk food. I wasn't taking atention to eating frequency, i ate whenever and whatever i wanted, gazzilion meals per day.

Things started to change when i entered paleo. By the way, i still was eating buckweat, in orderd to maintain proper carb intake for muslce gaining and maintenance (I am powerlifter). Then i cut out buckweat from my diet, and i ate only dairy, meat and veggies. In that moment it was very normal that i started having zits, acne and other results of cleaning. But it took too long.. I was wondering, when it will end? My health, litteraly, started to collapse: my clean, soft, smooth skin became like battlefield, full of zits, pimples and acne, it's so deteriorated.. Then i understood that my protein intake was too high, comparing to fats and carbs, so i balanced them. But i haven't experienced any noticable changes in my perfomance and self-being. Recently, i cut out all dairy, some reduction in skin reaction, but still... For past year, until this day, fat and carbs are dominant in my diet: fat pork(raw or little steamed), peas, cocos, olive oil in moderation, non starchy vegetables, and some fruits (apple, grapefruit, rarely banana). In addition to skin problems, there are much more.. Most of the day i am so f**king tired. After the meal, particularly in the morning, about 10-15 min after eating, i feel so crushed and lethargic. It feels like somehow pulls all my energetic resources from my body.. Sometimes i just want to lay on the ground and do nothing, just sleep, that is so difficult. And when it happens, due to the body's sluggishness, my mental motivation falls too, because i can't simply control my body. What's next? My hair started to fall of, it's first in my life i experience this., and, with clean eating habits. And they crack easilly. And more, i have terrible, sunken, black eye circles... It's getting imposible to live like that. From a nice, self-confident guy i became to disgusting poor.. I lost all my health. It's terrible time.

I thought that this could be induced by helmints. But i got tested two times, and there were nothing.

Maybe the hardest part is that surrounding people, who don't give a shit about their diet and life habbits, looks and feels so much better than me. It's like I' am heading towards very different direction, and not-so-pleasant destination. My mental supplys is rapidly running out, so i am in very intense search..

By the way, i eat 2 to 3 times a day, with long intervals between meals(~6 hours, sometimes more or less). I am 22 year old athletic male.

Thank you so much for your interest!!

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on December 19, 2013
at 04:18 PM

It sounds like you're missing something. Sometimes people make paleo out to be way too restrictive without adding the right stuff to make up for what they remove. Also, how often do you lift and with what intensity/duration? Far too many people get carried away with their exercise routine and destroy their bodies in search of perfection.

I would strongly suggest tracking your diet with a tool such as cronometer.com for a few weeks - see what you're short on. Also consider eating some starchy veggies - nothing wrong with potatoes and carrots - and reduce fruit, especially in the winter. Do you eat your greens?

Lastly, definitely consider the thyroid thing like @Supergirl suggests. Consider supplementing with iodine and make sure you get plenty of selenium. Learn more about thyroid support through nutrition and supplementation.

Also lastly, the acne may be related to, if not caused by, a zinc defficiency. It's hard to get enough zinc through diet - and copper should be taken with it.

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on December 19, 2013
at 01:03 PM

Hmm does anyone in your family have thyroid problems? That disgusting tiredness and hair falling of, bad skin, muscles aches, dry cracking skin etc. Where all symptoms I had from having a quite bad thyroid. Sometimes I can just gain 3 kg of water weight over night without any dietary changes. They have checked my thyroid probably 4-5 times in the past 10 years but TSH were always good. Then I got to an endo since I also have PCOS and she said all my symptoms seem to also be thyroid related. She tested it all and it turned out that TSH where perfectly normal whereas T3 where on the lower reference interval and T4 where waaaay too low.

I' also constantly freezing, my normal body temp is 36.

So check your temperature as well and go see a doctor and ask them to run test on cortisol levels, TSH, T3, T4, Iron deposits etc.

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