Paleo Parents/those of you who were raised paleo, how did/do you deal with rebellion?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 18, 2013 at 10:29 PM

For those of you who are raising your kids paleo, first of all, kudos, but if you're bringing your kids up paleo, naturally they'll want to rebel and try SAD foods. Do you restrict them at all costs? Have you allowed them to try SAD foods? Because if you're forbidden something, you'll just want it all the more. Have your kids ever wanted SAD treats? How do you deal with it? Or are you more lax and allow it but encourage them to eat paleo so they're not restricted?

Those of you who were raised paleo, did you ever wish you were like other kids who ate the SAD diet? Did you ever sneak SAD treats? Were you severly punished? Were you a rebel or did you not mind eating paleo?

I personally became paleo on my own accord as teen/young adult, so I want to hear the perspectives of those of you were raised paleo/are raising/raised paleo kids



on January 18, 2013
at 11:07 PM

There's a section in Gut & Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride that explains how to get kids to eat healthy food. She has the whole process worked out from start to finish and gives specifics. I haven't really seen any other better way of introducing young children to foods that they might dislike, but are vital for health. But it's important to remember TOUGH LOVE. If you truly love your kids, you'll force them to eat what's good for them. I WISH my parents put their foot down once in a while and made me stop eating crap.

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on January 19, 2013
at 06:18 AM

I only prepare Paleo foods for myself, hubby, and two teens, with the occasional rice. My teens have a mild gluten allergy where they become easily dehydrated and get rosacea during strenuous sports. My older teen is mostly Paleobutwill sometimes eat pizza at school. But tries to stay off gluten for the most part because she's health conscious.

My younger teen will eat gluten every chance he gets (at parties, with friends, at grandparents). In fact, he says that when he goes away to college, he will eat gluten every day! I suppose that it is his passive aggressive way of rebelling. But if that the worse thing he does when he goes off to college, I will be okay with that. Anyway, he will cut it out when he feels bad enough. He always does when the whole family is fine and he's sick. Besides, it will be a long time before he goes off to college and maybe he will have matured a little more.

So I mostly discourage my kids from grains, especially those with gluten but I don't forbid it. I figured that they are old enough to understand the reasons. I became very sick last year, only to discover that it was a gluten issue.



on January 18, 2013
at 11:13 PM

Umm, is Paleo old enough to have adults who were kids raised paleo?

I don't raise my kids paleo--wish I did but they were already too old to agree to another of Mom's crazy schemes when I started. But we have significantly cut down on the junk, feed them organic veggies and fruit, pastured and grass fed meat & eggs, full fat. They still get bread, pasta, cereal and a little junk, courtesy of Daddy. It's just not worth the battles.

But I do have an analogus situation. We have religious dietary restrictions. In our house, they are observed, but we know already that our children WILL experiment and ultimately WILL make their own decisions whether or not to follow the dietary restrictions, so once they were old enough to understand the difference I've let them make their own choices outside of the house, as long as we aren't paying for it. I can't control their choices anyway, even if I think I could. We don't allow certain foods in our house, but if they want to eat a pepperoni pizza at a friend's house, it's their business.

It's a little different than paleo, in that health is not involved. But unless your children are celiac or gluten sensitive, I wouldn't sweat it. Out of the house they ARE going to experiment whether you agree to it or not. And it's really hard to be different, so they may opt not to.

Guts that aren't used to grains may experience some distress, so they may get some feedback of their very own. Let THEM decide if it's worth it or not. My guess is that they won't feel too good eating grains and sugary junk, and will self-limit if you give them room to make decisions for themselves.

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