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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 02, 2012 at 7:48 AM

I'm thinking about doing a Robb Wolf "thirty day challenge" since I've never actually done one before, this is despite eating "paleo" for over a year. I also want to include some Stephan Guyenet concepts as well i.e low reward, limited number of foods.

Basically I plan on eating nothing but whole fryers, peeled white potatoes, kale, and Red Palm oil for a month.

Would that be safe/good or should I change something?



on May 02, 2012
at 01:57 PM

Seconded on the beef replacement

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on May 02, 2012
at 08:59 AM

You'll likely want to gouge your eyes out from the agony of eating such a boring diet, but kudos to you if you can stick with it. If I were to attempt a similar dietary strategy, though, I'd replace fryers with beef (better lipid/micronutrient profile), white potatoes with sweet potatoes (due to potential nightshade concerns), and nix the processed oil in favor of a fattier grade of beef.



on May 02, 2012
at 01:57 PM

Seconded on the beef replacement



on May 02, 2012
at 02:45 PM

Do Robb Wolf's plan and forget the Guyenet stuff. Guyenet actually has mentioned

Seth Robert's Shangri-La Diet before- he thinks the success people have on it is indicative of his food reward theory being legit. I disagree- Seth's own theory makes more sense and explains certain real world cases better. But I digress, because the theory is much less relevant than the effects.

Shangri-La diet + paleo works. Trying to integrate Guyenet's advice into a paleo diet causes something akin to clinical depression- and those white potatoes seem to be a potential culprit. Maybe Ray Peat is right about serotonin being a bad thing. I don't know, I'm just telling you it was pretty bad. Maybe if you keep the level of animal products rather high you can over come this, but you probably want to ditch the chicken in favor of beef and get more of a variety in general.

Flavor is a signal. Guyenet seems to be focusing on keeping the signal weak, but if the payload is the same over and over, the body will still get used to it. No signal (i.e. calories without warning), variable signals/variable payloads- all tends to keep the set-point low. Processed food gives the exact same flavor profile and the exact same calorie payload every time. This is key. Don't make the mistake of using a bland diet, only to recreate this highly reliable signal to payload situation with processed foods.


on May 02, 2012
at 02:13 PM

I don't think Guyenet is saying that if you rotate through kale, broccoli, spinach and mushrooms, you'll be increasing your food reward in a harmful way, and there's no doubt that variety in your veggies is a good from a health perspective, e.g. kale is insanely healthful but has goitrogens so you still don't want to eat it as your exclusive veggie source. Likewise, if you alternated your fryers with a plain grass-fed burger and plain poached salmon, with an unappitizing slab of liver now and then, it would be significantly more healthful (e.g. omega-3s) yet I believe the food reward stays very low.

Maybe I don't understand Guyenet, but I don't think he's advocating eating only four foods for a month. A little variety is significantly more healthful than what you proposed without being as rewarding as Doritos, or even a paleo favorite like steak with a side of sweet potatoes swimming in salted butter.

But good luck, regardless.


on May 02, 2012
at 10:46 AM

I would add grass fed beef, wild fish instead of fryers every day. The kale and palm oil are OK but sweet potatoes will have more fiber and less starch than white potatoes. Depending how much sun you get vitamin D supplements may be something you want to consider. Good luck.

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