Is enriched white rice honestly bad for you?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 28, 2013 at 10:31 PM

Rather than 'not ideal' for you? My family can't stand most green, leafy veggies unless they're done 100% 'right,' and I get tired of tossing out good broccoli. They eat enriched white rice probably 1x a day, which obviously provides some (hopefully bioavailable) b-vitamins they're otherwise lacking.

Is this any worse than supplementing? If its just plain white rice and enrichment, are we seriously shooting ourselves in the face, or is avoiding something as benign as white rice with added vitamins only really reaching for that 'paleo perfection'?

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on June 28, 2013
at 11:46 PM

I eat white rice but rinse it 2-3x prior to cooking because 1) that's the Asian way to prepare it and 2) the Jaminets of the Perfect Health Diet also recommend it in order to wash away most of the added folate, which they believe is bad in excessive amounts for most people.

I eat white rice almost everyday because it reduces my cravings for junk foods, such as GF cookies and sweets. I figured that rice is less bad than rice and sugar. So in that sense, rice is a good thing. If I either didn't have junk food cravings or had enough will power to overcome the cravings, I think I would be leaner and not have any little flab around the tummy at all. But I also wear size 2-4 jeans, so we are talking obsessive perfection here, which is totally unnecessary for a middle aged wife and mother. Anyway, rice is the lesser of two evils....



on June 29, 2013
at 04:33 AM

Grains are addictive for me. Once I start I just cant stop eating them, even quinoa sometimes lol. Best to avoid and stick to nutrient dense foods (for me anyway)


on June 29, 2013
at 03:00 AM

I think it's fine. Not "paleo" per se but certainly a completely benign food for most people. I agree that rinsing it is necessary and buy organic if you can. And read Perfect Health Diet. You'll feel much better about your choice to eat rice.

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