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I your family your friends like I said if you are the picture of health then that's great you have some smart family and friends in the you know when you're doing the right thing if you're not then you need some good advice up there now this will consider the original weight loss supplements right and that's what again when most people type where you just not died in enough in your just not exercising enough and yes those are two important components but remember we don't want to do the diet thing we want to do long-term lifetime healthy eating and we???re not looking for love weight loss we're looking for fat loss as well the place to start this was not a cheap like to was to talk about my book here but you don???t need to go and spend two thousand dollars at a weight loss clinic a for 1995 May 1 percent over me is you get all the information you ever wanted to know about how to eat healthy first your life and it's very easy to lose fat you know when you do that in addition to that you do need the right professional advice we can get truthful accurate information whether it???s the status quo or not the fact that the whole world thinks you know that there's one way to lose weight both are not losing weight on it was infect that's the wrong way it's sort of like the people say you know what they were a lot of people order this in the restaurant will want people you know or two Big Macs to that doesn???t mean I'm going for a Big Mac I want to be healthy I you want to so I could information you want to achieve lifetime results you not looking for any temporary fix here I the reason that it's important to get some good professional advice is often there could be one or two underlying factors that no one's ever talk to you about before that might be your sticking point and those are things that you may not know hey they may be something to do with vitamin supplementation I but again let's be clear here yes everyone for over a lifetime health should be on a good quality vitamin and they certainly do play a role in infant.


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