Felt better in when I first started paleo, now not so much..anyone else?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 30, 2012 at 12:24 PM

I'm finding my initial great results, the ones that made me want to rave to everyone I came into contact with about paleo!, Seem to have all but faded. Anyone else experience this? I am still strict, strictly paleo foods, but one difference is I am not eating the copious amounts of vegetables I was. That is what I intend to change. Hope it makes me feel as phenomenal as I did at first! The diet used to feel so fun! Wonder where I have gone wrong

Thanks, Mia


on September 30, 2012
at 01:23 PM

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on September 30, 2012
at 12:44 PM

Are you paying attention to micronutrient intake? Sometimes that initial high is from getting the "bad stuff out." But if you don't address underlying deficiencies by eating and drinking nutrient dense foods you'll eventually feel like crap again, and may even feel worse, since paleo foods are not "enriched" like processed SAD foods

Are you getting enough iodine from fish heads, raw dairy, or seaweed? Are you eating organ meats, bone broths, and shellfish for minerals? Do you need to eat more carbs with sweet potatoes? Magnesium? How about your fat soluable vitamins A D and k2? Are you getting enough sunshine for vitamin D sulfate? Are you perhaps building up a sensitivity to nightshades or egg whites from over consumption? Maybe you're eating too many raw greens and your thyroid is struggling.

There are a whole slew of possibilities. Take a look at what you're doing and experiment.


on September 30, 2012
at 01:23 PM

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on September 30, 2012
at 12:45 PM

I felt great for the first 3 weeks, and then slowly over the next year I gradually felt worse. The celiac symptoms cleared up, but I got very fatigued and brain foggy. It turns out I have a genetic mutation that messes up a particular biochemical cycle, called the methylation or one-carbon cycle, that converts methionine to homocysteine and back again. It generates SAMe, which is necessary for methylating DNA and neurotransmitters. There are two ways to convert homocysteine back to methionine, and one of the ways is knocked out in my case. The other way requires betaine, found in wheat, spinach, and quinoa, so when I cut out wheat due to celiac disease, I guess I wasn't getting enough betaine. Now I take supplements and make an effort to eat a lot of spinach.

This is an example of the kind of thing that can slowly make you feel worse when you change up your diet. That you felt better when you stopped eating copious amounts of vegetables makes me wonder if it's a particular micronutrient you're missing. I recommend upping your veggie intake again, and see if you can figure out what veggie(s) are helping.


on September 30, 2012
at 03:26 PM

What results did you have (weight gain/loss, digestion, other factors) that you lost? What is your typical diet?

When I first went Paleo I also went very low carb (<= 25g per day). This worked great for a few weeks but then I started to have issues with energy, digestion, and overall well being. I slowly and carefully added more carbs to my diet and a lot more vegetables.

Many on the paleo diet promote as much fat and protein as you can eat, try to eat pounds and pounds of fatty meat every day, etc. That might work for some people or for a while but I think that is not sustainable.

The diet can also be low in certain minerals such as magnesium, iodine, and others. I found that I was very low in minerals, and took supplements a few times and now make it a point to eat seaweed, figs, and some other foods high in the particular nutrients that I was lacking.

I guess my point is that there are a lot of variations of the paleo diet, and you might have to tweak and tune it as you go.

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