Heading to New York: does anyone have any recommendations of where to eat?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created September 29, 2011 at 12:50 PM

Hi all,

Specifically I'm going to be staying in Union City NJ - any places stand out?





on October 03, 2011
at 08:47 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions, sounds like the Breslin will be getting a limey visitor. :)



on September 29, 2011
at 02:31 PM

Lamb burger at the Breslin, mutton chops at Keen's, double cooked pork belly at Spicy & Tasty, burgers at Shake Shack, half the menu at Sripraphai Thai, everything at Fette Sau, pastrami at David's Brisket House, sweetbreads and pork belly at Traif, sashimi at Sakagura, and the great buffet at Brasilianville Cafe



on September 29, 2011
at 01:55 PM

Resto's And in Astoria Taverna Kyaclades. Both Rock. If you want great italian Il mulino.

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3 Answers



on September 29, 2011
at 06:08 PM

BBQ has been a trend recently in the New York restaurant scene, so there are a few places that will just pile meat on your plate until you tell 'em to stop???Fette Sau, which is already recommended, is one; Hill Country is another great option. The Breslin, also already mentioned, is meat-heavy and does most of their cooking in animal fats, not vegetable oils. Craft is also another great choice???I had one of the best steaks of my life there, and the menu is so simply written that you can always see what you're getting. (I hear Craftsteak isn't as good.) Incidentally, one of the great things about the locavore trend being so big in NYC is that you frequently get notes on ingredient sourcing on the menu. The General Greene, in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn is a good example of that. For a great raw bar and seafood menu, try the Blue Point Grill. Sushi is a good option, too: I like Jewel Bako.


on September 29, 2011
at 04:06 PM

If you are in NYC, and looking for quick food, I recommend Elevation Burger on 14th St and 6th Ave in Manhattan, next to the 7-11. Grass fed meet, fries cooked separately in olive oil (no cross contaminated oil), and anything can get wrapped in lettuce. Eva's on west 8th st in between 5th ave and 6th ave is also decent, but be very specific about gluten-free there. Point Brasil in Astoria Queens is also worth checking out, and so is Favela in Astoria (order the churrasco), and (not to be confusing) Miss Favela in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Point Brasil, Favela, and Miss Favela are all, obviously, Brasilian restaurants, and certainly not paleo or gluten free specifically, but all make it worthwhile to make Paleo choices. I'm pretty sensitive in the stomach, and I feel good after eating at all these places.
A few other options: Pita Grill, Energy Kitchen, Papacito's in Greenpoint Brooklyn, and I second Sigrid's recommendation of Fette Sau.



on September 29, 2011
at 01:15 PM

For lunch or dinner, there are several Muscle Maker Grill restaurants around NJ. http://www.musclemakergrill.com/

Unlike many restaurants that make healthy claims, Muscle Maker Grill does not sacrifice taste to serve healthy options. We pride ourselves on creating healthier versions of your favorite foods that taste great, making it easy and enjoyable to eat healthy. In addition, we cater to all different types of healthy eating lifestyles. Over the past 16 years, we have created a menu that satisfies everyone from vegetarians to the carb-free consumer to people following a gluten-free diet. We have created a friendly, relaxed, and social environment where people can enjoy great-tasting food, learn about healthy eating and engage with other customers.

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