What happens after reintroduction?

Answered on July 15, 2014
Created July 15, 2014 at 5:28 PM

After almost four weeks of strict paleo I have had my non paleo day.

I have done two weeks high fat lowish carb paleo and two weeks moderate fat high carb and protein from only vegies, fruit and meat.

Last night I had:

Monster energy drink before the gym

Cheese on wholegrain bread with a cup of tea with milk for breakfast

Chili with 5 kinds of beans, two tomato cans, chili spice pack and ground beef with rice for tea

Egg ham salad brown sub with mayo and pepper

I feel no ill effects from reinroduction. I slept really well and even my poop seems better. How do I proceed?

I went paleo and I felt better and due to how much veg and meat I ate I improved composition and health wise, skin especially. But after reintroduction has gone so well I am not sure how exactly I should proceed.

I might just reintroduce foods but still have healty eating guidlines to stop me eating crap by following a system like this:






Wholegrains ( more fiber and more filling than white bread)


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4 Answers



on July 15, 2014
at 07:46 PM

You seem to be treating a general paleo diet as a short term elimination diet. If that works for you, then fine. But you may want to look at a more targeted reintroduction, so that you will be more sensitive to subtle changes which may occur from reintroduction--see for example, The Whole 30.

Keep in mind that there may be hidden effects you don't perceive, especially with the reintroduction of grains. There may be molecular gut damage which is not always manifest in GI issues--it can cause problems throughout the body that may not be apparent for decades. Paleo seems to be fairly loosely interpreted in many ways, but elimination of grains seems to be the unifying principle, for just that reason.

When I first went grain-free, I didn't perceive any problem at all with grains, and I didn't notice much benefit from cutting them out UNTIL I started eating grain again. It was only then I recognized that the body aches and pains that always plagued me were gone when I didn't eat grains, but they came back when I ate them again. It didn't happen overnight, but over the course of a few weeks. Later on I became more sensitive to the changes, because I feel so GOOD off grains in the long term that it's easier for me to notice the difference when I eat them.

You may be someone who is not sensitive to grains and legumes--that's lucky. I would still suggest preparing grains and legumes properly as recommended by Weston A. Price (soaking or sprouting) as that will at least minimize the long term issues that can develop with grains.


on July 15, 2014
at 07:07 PM

I think the trick will be keeping my fruit and vegetable intake high after I have reintroduced for awhile, just because I can now eat other foods does not mean I can let off on the fruit veg and protein as that has to be the backbones of the diet.


on July 15, 2014
at 07:01 PM

Yes and none of them gave me any ill affect.

I have to say I think my original opinion on paleo was correct, paleo works becaus eof what it makes you eat, not because of what it makes you not eat.

I ate so much bread and so much dairy and tonnes of legumes and a big can of sygar and I still feel great because I ate fresh vegetebales, lean meat and healthy fats.

After paleo and reintroduction I am betting like I have, most people will do fine on gluten and dairy apart from those people who actually have legitimate medical problems when it comes to certain foods.

I will keep eating this way for the next 5 days or so and once I get to next week if I still feel great i will just keep eating good food. If i start to suffer I will revert back to paleo.



on July 15, 2014
at 06:53 PM

I can occasionally eat small amounts of gluten without ill effects. It is the dose that makes the poison, and in the case of gluten, the preparation too. Proceed by ear, and take notes. I would not have reintroduced dairy, beans, rice and wheat in a single shot though. Are you doing this seriously or not?

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