Does anyone notice quicker recovery times after an illness

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 27, 2012 at 2:35 AM

My non paleo coworkers seem to stay sick for days, but I very seldom have symptoms longer than a day or so. What's your experience in getting over a bug, or not catching it at all? Its fair to note my coworkers lead rather unhealthy lifestyles



on December 27, 2012
at 02:40 AM

That's to be expected. When you eat healthy, you get healthy and good stuff happens. SHOCKING, I know.

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on December 27, 2012
at 04:32 AM

I also think that people on Paleo are more aware (or became more aware) of their body and might take action to take care of themselves at the first sign of symptoms. Others may ignore or try to plow through despite the messages their body is sending. Just another possible correlate.

I too have a much stronger immune system since Paleo. I also know my body better than I ever had before so I notice subtle changes much sooner. And I'm quick to respond, and usually with the right remedy I'm not often "fishing" for ways to fix the problem. I know what my body usually needs (i.e sleep, Vit D, more fluids, meditation, etc.)



on December 27, 2012
at 03:39 AM

For sure! I've been noticing lately that EVERYONE at work is sick. I feel pretty low energy-wise, but it's so dark outside lately that I think it's a lack of daylight thing.

Interestingly, I recently returned from a trans-Atlantic flight--24 straight hours of airplanes and airports. I would always come down with a cold after returning from vacation previously (my guess is a combo of dry air, returning to a dry prairie home environment, physical stress, and the obligatory handful of sickies on the plane). This time--nothing! Despite the extreme physical stress and lack of sleep, my immune system held it together. Yay!



on December 27, 2012
at 04:26 AM

Yes, I recover much quicker than before. More amazingly, I rarely get sick these days, even when traveling for work which means airports, airplanes, and constant contact with unhealthy people!



on December 27, 2012
at 04:29 AM

Still waiting to get sick for the first time since going Paleo...(about 10 months or so)



on December 27, 2012
at 11:02 PM

I have a cough right now, an occasional sneeze. But it's nothing compared to what it USED to be. I may wake in the morning feeling iffy, but within a couple hours I feel just fine



on December 27, 2012
at 09:39 PM

Haven't been sick in over 3 years, since I got my D3 level up to 80 ng/ml.



on December 27, 2012
at 06:03 PM

My close and extended family (including 5 children) have pretty much all been dealing with flu B over the last two weeks. Several have called out from work, missed school, and spent days in bed while they get better.

I had about a 12-24 hour period where I noticed a bit of a sore throat and some achy feelings coming on early last week. So far, that's it.

(paleo fingers xx)


on December 27, 2012
at 03:59 PM

I would tell you but I have not been sick in so many years that I don't remember how long it took me to recover. :)



on December 27, 2012
at 03:49 AM

i wish, but i'm sick all year round.


on December 27, 2012
at 03:27 AM

I haven't had a cold in about 15 months, I think. Maybe I have had colds but am able to fight them off well enough that I don't have symptoms. Last Saturday I went out to dinner with my neice, who was getting over a cold, and she couldn't finish all of her mango lassi. So I finished it but why, oh why did I drink it using her straw? I really thought that I was going to get her cold. A couple of days later I woke up with a stuffy nose and slightly sore throat from drainage but the next day I felt just fine. Probably the Vit D3 but really, eating well, being nutritionally healthy, and getting plenty of rest makes the biggest difference.

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