Why do most paleo baked goods taste like crap?

Commented on December 04, 2014
Created November 27, 2014 at 4:16 AM

There are so many blogs out there with tons and tons of paleo baked goods. Most of the time the pictures are great, the writer raves about the goodies/bread/what-have-you ('even my picky husband couldn't stop eating them'), and so you assume they will be great like they say. 

I pride myself on not being a picky eater. I love paleo food and often eat things thatother people otherwise would find strange or odd tasting, so I know my palate is well adjusted. Yet whenever I make a paleo dessert/baked good - even if i follow the recipe to a T - it tastes so crappy! Like the texture, the taste, the density - everything is off. I don't want a cookie for the sake of something that looks and is called a cookie, but rather something that tastes like one.

Today I made a pumpkin pie - autoimmune paleo recipe - and it has the same texture as my fermented cod liver oil, and doesn't taste much better. What is it with people posting good looking desserts, and saying it tastes as good? I have yet to make a paleo dessert that tastes good (besides some banana muffins.) 

Maybe paleo means only having fruit as your sweets, no warm comfort food :(

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on November 27, 2014
at 01:51 PM

Just remember, these items are not something that should be a big part of what you eat every day.  You should eat: meat, eggs, fish, veggies, and a bit of nuts.  Bread isn't the staff of life, it's the cause of disease.


These are treats.  At best they can quash a craving for the real thing which would be harmful if you ate it.  Some of them can be quite delicious, pumkin pie for example and even pizza crust.


As for warm food, surely you jest, there's tons of meals you could make with a crockpot that are very warming.  It's not all salad.


Perhaps you'll need to find what you're addicted to; is it the sweetness or is it the exorphins in wheat that you miss?  Sweet cravings can be addressed with xylitol and stevia until your taste adjusts and you no longer have such a sweet tooth, but go easy on the xylitol as it can cause digestive issues.  Stevia works well, but in some produces a slightly bitter taste.


If you're addicted the the morphine like compounds in wheat, there's not much to be done about that other than to avoid it long enough that the cravings go away.



on November 27, 2014
at 02:23 PM

Thanks for your answer :)

I'm just looking for a sweet, yummy dish for thanksgiving that at the same time is mostly healthy. I'm fine with using honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar for whatever I make, yet I'd like a recipe without grains. I don't want to use things like stevia or xylitol, because I have done enough research to know they can actually be worse on the body than a real sweetener. (I do not eat honey et, very often, but it's not the devil.)

I do have multiple food allergies so this does make it more difficult. I guess I'm just frustrated with recipes from online that look amazing, but don't taste like anything I'd eat.



on November 27, 2014
at 04:22 PM

Roast and peel some yams, mash them with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and some cocoa powder.   Stir in some nuts, maybe pecans or walnuts, that you heat up gently in a stainless steel frying pan or otherwise.  Or crush the nuts and put on top.  Drizzle some honey and cinnamon on top.


If you have the right kind of coconut milk, whip it up like whipped cream and top with that.



on December 03, 2014
at 04:34 PM

How about Splenda?





on December 04, 2014
at 11:52 AM

Pure poison.  Avoid it like the plague.  Not as toxic or as harmful as aspertame, but still harmful enough to avoid.  Use stevia or xylitol instead, but use xylitol in moderation as it can disrupt gut flora and cause GI issues.  Or better yet, kick the sugar addiction and you won't crave sweets anymore.



on December 02, 2014
at 11:35 PM

I think of Paleo treats as "training wheels".  At first, I was wont to feel deprived, so I made Paleo treats.  I think it was actually a bonus that they didn't taste too great.  They satisfied my "buttons" (sweet, salty, crunchy, etc), but weren't worth the work involved.  Typically I make something once, enjoy the first serving, and after that I'm done. So nowadays I rarely eat a treat.  I consider that a "good thing". 



on November 27, 2014
at 06:21 PM

It's because traditional desserts are high in sugar.  Anything you buy from costco that looks delicious check the label and look how much sugar is in there.  It's kind of dissapointing.

I still think you could make some good recipies without as much sugar or as raydawg says a different sweetener.

I wanted to buy some nanaimo bars but I checked the label...

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