Paleo Shake Recipes - any good, low sugar ideas?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 20, 2013 at 8:04 PM

Hello, this is my first question here :) Anyway, can you guys recomend some good paleo friendly shake options - nothing to sugary since I have insulin resistance and I'm looking to lose some weight.

Thanks Everyone! Julia

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4 Answers



on May 20, 2013
at 09:12 PM

I make it up as I go along. The base is usually coconut milk or almond milk and crushed ice, then I add some instant (decaf!) coffee crystals, cinnamon, almond butter, sometimes protein powder or an egg (yes, pastured and RAW). Sometimes I'll add cacao powder (it's good with cacao nibs, too). If I have MCT oil I'll add about a tablespoon of that, but coconut oil turns to little waxy pellets in the cold liquid. The coconut milk is sweet enough (though unsweetened) that I don't generally add anything to sweeten it, but too much coffee will make it bitter.


on May 20, 2013
at 08:27 PM

I love avocado shake with chocolate whey protein! I guess you could put pure organic cocoa or vanilla if you don't need the high protein intake (its also a little bit insulinogenic but I doubt it should be of much concern).

As for the liquid you could use raw milk from grass-fed cow or maybe coconut milk, delicious!

Fruit smoothies won't cause an immediate insulin spike but I'd not recommend because so much fructose in a drinkable form at the same time... I think it may be bad idea, but maybe from time to time some coconut milk with pineapple... could be very tasty :)

Some people do green smoothies, haven't tried but does not seem very appealing to me IMHO...

Some more ideas, there're plenty of websites like this http://www.smoothieweb.com/category/low-carb-smoothies/


on May 20, 2013
at 11:06 PM

Im going to try coconut milk ice and strawberries and blueberries. Sounds yum and doesnt need any added sugar.



on May 20, 2013
at 08:45 PM

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