Opinion on Paleo "treats"?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 06, 2013 at 8:59 PM

I was just wondering if all the "paleo" muffins, breads, etc. that I see online (and make) are all that healthy... I know they have to be better than bread but it seems like eating chopped nuts, berries, shredded coconut, dried bananas, and dark chocolate chips all the time can't be very "paleo" (or WWGD*). What's your opinion? Yay or nay on the almond/coconut flour and tasty treats? Should I try to stop making these?

*What would Grok do?



on May 08, 2013
at 02:44 AM

Thanks! I've been indulging in actual brownies from Starbucks and it upsets my tummy like crazy. I'm hoping I can find a nice balance of limited treats that don't hurt!



on May 08, 2013
at 12:22 AM

EvaFolsom- I'm hopelessly obsessed with Paleo brownies... heaven in a food processor! Be warned they are addictive... and super easy! http://fastpaleo.com/fudge/



on May 07, 2013
at 03:40 AM

Haley12, do you have a recommendation for the *best* of these paleo treats? I'd love to find something I could indulge in once or twice a week that won't make me feel totally ick, and it sounds like you've researched it!



on May 06, 2013
at 09:16 PM

Have them, enjoy them, but don't make them a staple of your diet. These are treats, not meal replacements. Treat them as such.

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on May 07, 2013
at 03:20 AM

Grok would have eaten any damn thing that was put in front of him especially if it was a highly palatable, delicious treat. The thing is, he had no access or means to these things. How would he get his hands on a packet of almond flour?

Considering we do have access to these things (hello world!), you will have to determine yourself as to how much and when you eat them. All the little add ins to these recipes easily add up to being a calorie bomb regardless of how 'paleo' the ingredient list is.

Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable - so if it brings you joy dabbling in some baking here and there, go for it. The moment you feel like you are being deprived or missing out on something, you need to either take a step back and reframe your thinking or figure out if you really are depriving yourself of something.



on May 06, 2013
at 09:57 PM

Treats aren't "treats" if they are a daily thing. Occasional treats (once a week? a few times a month?) are OK, if they help you stay motivated and to not feel deprived.



on May 07, 2013
at 11:26 AM

I bake two 3" x 6" loaves of almondbananacoconut(oil)honeystrawberrybread about once a week (don't buy almond flour; just chop whole almonds in your blender or food processor - way cheaper). I give away one loaf as a gratitude gift or bring it to parties.

I take some to work (a resort hotel where pastries and dining room deserts are available always in the employee cafeteria; why I started baking in the first place, as an alternative to these enticements) and break those up and hand them out to the guys on my shift (we're on our feet the entire time). They can't believe how moist and dense and tasty these little flourless bombs are. They tell me I should try marketing and selling them (no interest). When I'm not working, I might eat a slice or two on my off days, meaning I might eat half a loaf a week.

I experimented with working in coconut flour, but it's so dry even in small measures it threw off the density and texture. I'll bake recipe variations with chocolate and other berries in cookies or scones.

I hear these nightmare warnings about rancid almonds, destroying the benefits of baking with my locally-sourced honey and throwing off my Omega ratios, but...these satisfy my sweet tooth and invite all kinds of questions about my diet and exercise routines - proof in the pudding - easily my best paleoish ambassadors.


on May 07, 2013
at 04:38 AM

Keep in mind that paleo treats (ie recipes that use almond and coconut flour) are a lot better than if you were having something based on wheat flour (in other words SAD foods) - just emphasizing that. While you probably shouldn't be eating treats on a daily basis, I would say that paleo alternatives are far better for you. I think paleo treats are fine to make as long as you feel good about having them.

WWGD you ask? He would eat any calorie laden sugary food that was put in front of him, simply because those types of foods were mostly scarce and not to mention freakin' delicious.

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