"Live Meat" - Lamb Tails

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 09, 2011 at 4:26 PM

So, this may sound weird, but I've got 6 pounds of freshly chopped lamb tails in my fridge.

Apparently it's the only cut of meat where you don't kill the animal, as the lambs tails are cropped for hygiene.

They are apparently a delicacy too, and only available about a week per year (when the farmer's crop this year's lambs' tails)...

But, I have no idea how to cook them! And I can't find any recipes online.. any suggestions?

Here in Spain, the traditional way to eat them is boiled, cool, remove the outer layer of fat, bread, and fry.. but obviously that won't work from a Paleo standpoint.


on September 09, 2011
at 06:00 PM

I would grill them. The meat is going to be so tasty and would be so "hand to mouth" appropriate! How about just a light marinade? Lemon zest, smashed garlic, a little rosemary, and whatever you are using for a fat? Rub onto the tails, let marinate for 20 minutes or so, then grill? You could even broil..



on September 09, 2011
at 05:57 PM

They're already de-wooled and skinned...


on September 09, 2011
at 05:35 PM

Hmm.. could you put over a charcoal grill, wool and all, peel the skin off when blackened and eat that way? Kind of like a little rib? I also find this: http://other.koppertcress.com/recipes/debone-lamb%E2%80%99s-tail-vegetable-macaronis

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7 Answers


on September 09, 2011
at 05:57 PM

Yeah, I've cooked one, but it was from a Tunis lamb, which is a fat-tailed lamb so it was pretty fatty. I braised it with spices in my crockpot and it turned out really good. You can use any generic braising recipe, like one for lamb shanks.



on September 09, 2011
at 07:05 PM

How about looking for oxtail recipes. After all, it's a pretty similar part of the animal. Oxtail soup...nom!

Cooking in the slow cooker will work (do lamb tails have bones like an oxtail? If so, keep the bones for stock) as a stew or casserole.

I"m pretty sure that any slow cooked dish would work.



on September 09, 2011
at 04:50 PM

You know, I raised sheep for 20 years... never thought of EVER saving them..... oh what a waste! Not a lot of meat on them... so my guess might be stock-ing them... or cooking them like ribs.

Eat them fast, they won't keep long at all


on August 07, 2013
at 08:09 AM

Mate, They're eaten in New Zealand, straight on an open fire.Google Lambs tails cooking New Zealand, you'll find lots of hits. Throw them on the fire wool and all still attached, let it cook in the fire until crispy black, that way when you peel off the charred wool, it just pops straight off, add salt to it, perfection, you would only like it like this if you like bbq styled food,you can put sometype of grill across the open fire if you want,no harm.



on September 09, 2011
at 05:34 PM

I wonder if they would work in fromage de tete :)



on September 09, 2011
at 05:29 PM

my first thought was stock, but maybe you could go with tradition, just subbing almond flour and lard?



on September 09, 2011
at 04:49 PM

i've never had them myself, but i imagine you could oven roast them with some herbs. sounds like you would have a good amount of rendered fat, so you may want to skip the spices. you could also put them in a crock pot for broth.

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