How long to make bone broth soup?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 11, 2013 at 7:21 AM

I added a few short rib bones and a few veggies for flavor to my crock pot last night. It's about 24 hours later and I just let it keep running. How much longer can I go? I keep the lid tight and keep it on the low setting.

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2 Answers



on July 11, 2013
at 01:42 PM

It depends on the type of animal whose bones you're using. For beef, pork, and lamb bones, 24 hours is enough to get all the minerals and collagen, plus some calcium that you're going to get. Chicken bones take only 3-4 hours.


on July 11, 2013
at 08:38 PM

My advice to you would be to leave the veg until the last few hours as it cooks far quicker than bones. I personally do beef/lamb bones for 48-72 hours in a slow cooker, by then i can pick up one of the bones & crush it between my fingers, that is when i'm happy ive got all there is to get from the bones. As for chicken carcass, i slow cook it for 12-18 hours, again i do the crush test. I can't comment on pork bones as ive never done them. Both my beef/lamb & chicken bones turn to jelly once strained & refrigerated which for me is a proper broth, it doesn't have to gel, it just makes me happy when it does. Hope this helps.

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