Remember the Chantico?

Commented on February 12, 2012
Created February 11, 2012 at 7:08 PM

A few years back Starbucks had this chocolate drink called a Chantico that was made with with cocoa butter and chocolate, but sadly, it was discontinued. It was like drinking a shot of hot chocolaty lava.

I was reminded of it after watching the current Good Eats episode Turn on the Dark, which doesn't mention it, but has a wicked hot chocolate recipe.

So I started to hack my own paleo friendly version, and was wondering if anyone else tried to play with this and if they've had success. If you did, please post your recipes as answers. (There are plenty of copycat recipes with a search engine can lead you to.)

I'm drinking my first attempt as I type this and getting a wicked buzz off it.

I took a scoop of virgin coconut oil (had no cocoa butter on hand, it's solid as it's cold), and two squares of 100% Ghirardelli baking chocolate (28grams), and nuked them an IR thermometer read 180F.

Then I mixed up the result until it was nicely homogeneous, added a teaspoon of Nutella (optional), and few tablespoons of coconut milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and remixed it until everything was smooth.

Came out to be about 2x the size of what a Chantico was, and a lot thicker (almost a mousse), but it's a good start. I suspect the coconut milk caused some of the chocolate to seize a little, but not enough to make it solid. I suspect using hot cream would work better, but I have issues with dairy, so I'll stick to coconut milk instead.



on February 12, 2012
at 12:37 AM

I used some stuff I got from the supermarket, not great coconut milk, but it was readily available "La Cena" brand, still good enough. Try using chocolate rather than cocoa powder.



on February 11, 2012
at 08:03 PM

That sounds delicious! I've been trying to do coconut milk and stevia and powdered chocolate, it doesn't work well. I can taste the sweet, but I can still taste the bitter of the chocolate, it doesn't seem to blend. I loved the Chantico. What kind of coconut milk did you use?

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