Nut-free pie crust

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 23, 2012 at 6:40 PM

I want to make my brother pumpkin pie and apple pie, but he has a severe nut allergy. I've made him paleo muffins with coconut flour before that have turned out well but I cannot seem to get a good pie crust using just coconut flour. Does anyone have any good recipes for a nut-free pie crust, preferably without milk!? Thanks!

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on November 24, 2012
at 10:24 AM

i think a basket-weaved bacon crust would be awesome for an apple pie...really



on November 24, 2012
at 07:13 AM

I now make my cheesecakes crustless (used to dust the bottom with almonds, ran out one day, and it was fine as is), but if you want a real pie crust like thing and for it to be gluten free, I would recommend Gluten Free Pantry brand pie crust mix. I think this might be easier than using other gluten free recipes that can sometimes be complicated, and I don't think any of them are nutritionally optimal, but it is not a bad splurge. I also use oats and oat flour (from wheat-free facilities) to make apple crisps, but I go light on the crumble, and it is great. I tried just plain making sliced baked apples, but the crumble style held up better, the buttery oatmeal crust seems to hold in some of the juices and the apple chunks hold up their constitution, whereas the same thing with no crust kind of turned into apple sauce.

Not a big fan of coconut flour, not sure it could give you flakiness.

Good luck!



on November 23, 2012
at 10:29 PM

A google search will turn up a ton of possibilities :)

I've read many blogs lately where they claim to have perfected the coconut flour crust. Also recipes for seed crusts that are nut-free abound....

Just one example from my google search: http://www.foodloverocknroll.com/2011/06/paleo-pumpkin-pie-2nd-attempt-coconut.html

I like the idea from MiMintzer of doing a crustless pie too. Really, google is your friend. There are literally hundreds of paleo and primal recipe blogs out there now, with pictures and recipes and ideas to keep you busy in the kitchen until the cows come home.


on November 23, 2012
at 10:17 PM

I am intrigued by pie crusts. Most gluten-free, nut-free pie crusts will use gluten-free flours. You can find these in the health section of most grocery stores or make your own. And you can find lots of recipes on the net. I haven't made this one here yet, but have it in my file. I would leave out the sugar (it isn't necessary) and possibly the cinnamon. Another interesting recipe I found uses only toasted coconut here and butter.

You could just skip the crust altogether and just bake the innards. When I make pumpkin pie I usually have batter left over and just pour that into a ramekin and bake it along with the pie. You could also do the same with the apples and sprinkle spiced up rolled oats (if you do that sort of thing) on it and make an apple crumble. Again, recipes abound on the net.

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