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Asked on January 25, 2015
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I will create a recipe website that will display advanced nutritional informations, like nutritient density, all mineral/vitamin content…like in the website nutritiondatadotcom but I would like to do better.

I believe this would be a great way to show people how to eat properly as a lot of paleo recipe allow you to get all essential nutrients in good proportion. I would need help to choose the information to display. Here is for now what I plan to display.

??? All mineral and vitamins proportion
??? Calories profile (fat, protein, glucide)
??? Fat profile (saturated, trans, monoinsaturated, W-3, W-6)
??? Amino acid score
??? PRAL score
??? Satiety index
??? Nutrient density
??? Estimated glycemic load

Some minerals ratio. It's likely some other good ratios are missing.
??? Antioxidant score
??? Calcium : Phosphorus ratio = at least 1.3:175 (2.5:153 for blood content, not diet)
??? Calcium : Magnesium ratio = from 1:135 to 2:121
??? Potassium : Sodium ratio = at least 2:137
??? Iron : Copper ratio = from 10:1 to 17:131
??? Zinc : Copper ratio = from 10:118 to 15:17
??? Iron : Zinc ratio = no more than 2:19 (lower limit N/A?)

If you were the project manager, which information would you add ? Right now I am writting the specifications. I will hire a professionnal developer to get this project done. This website will be first released in french, then in english.



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