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Commented on September 06, 2014
Created September 03, 2014 at 1:41 AM

As a community, do we do enough to surpport our local farm, especially those alternative farms that take a chance and produce real food... 

Take a look at this Kikstarter for a small vermont grass fed butter producers... I am a backer... could you consider helping to?

If you search Mountain Home Farm on Kikstarter there is one there that needs help... I can't post a link yet...


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on September 05, 2014
at 06:20 PM

How would supporting a kickstarter in vermont help local farmers?  seems like the complete opposite of what you are suggesting.



on September 06, 2014
at 12:50 AM

Well, every farmer is local to someone... although I am in Canada, I still buy their products by going to vermont... So they are local to me. I believe that locality is more a factor of how far removed the farm is from it's consumer that the actual distance to the farm... 

I can still buy from Salatin even thoug I am far away and still be buying something direct from he who produces it... to me that is proximity... 

Your mileage might varry... lol 

PS: As a community, if we don't help those who sacrifice much to get into the real food production (no one gets rich doing this...) we are doomed... Society is such that growing and raising real food has become extremely difficult... both expensive, bound by regulations and burdened by apathy... 

Unless you want to buy your organics from Kraft or General Mills... you better start looking out for the small producer...


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on September 03, 2014
at 02:10 PM

We've got plenty to help here in Oregon. I'm partial to locally grown peaches, hazelnuts, and oysters. And any wild foods available. You have to step up and pay the price though.

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