Why no reaction to barley but wheat?

Answered on July 04, 2016
Created July 03, 2016 at 7:13 PM

Wheat effects me the next day, but barley has no effect, why? I thought the main issues was gluten, but both contain gluten and barley doesnt effect me at all. Bread sends me in to a blood sugar crash and brings on the sniffles, but barley no reaction at all? I can eat barley based beers etc with no problems whatsoever


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on July 04, 2016
at 02:49 PM

You don't (yet) have antibodies to the proteins in barley.  You might be reacting to the gliadin, and not the gluten in wheat, or their amino acid sequences are different enough that your immune systemd doesn't yet see it as a threat.


If you have leaky gut and enough of the barley's undigested proteins make their way into your blood stream, you eventually will react to it.

All the gluten containing grains have the potential to signal zonulin which opens up the gut barrier and in turn allows undigested proteins into the blood stream - this includes anything you've had with that meal, potentially meats and eggs as well as the proteins fromt the grains.

It's kind of a lottery, you don't know what your immune system will develop antibodies for.

It's best to avoid all grains as they're detrimental in some form or another.  The only exception is white rice since it's proteins are all in the outside, which has been polished off.


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