Was any else into the raw food movement before coming to Paleo? If so, what made you transition?

Answered on November 07, 2013
Created October 14, 2010 at 6:07 PM

For almost two years after seeing Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer documentary and reading her blog, I really into the raw food movement. There were entire weeks where I only ate raw fruits and veggies. And gained weight and anxiety, go figure, from all the fruit and beans. I never meant to be vegan, but must raw foodies are vegan, and seem to have this double standard against eating processed food... except for beans, quinoa, wild rice, amaranth, and huge tubs of creepy looking protein powders. I've since found that Paleo is a much better description of my preferred method of nutrition - eating food as natural and as minimally processed as possible. I feel so much more at peace about eating grass-fed meat than I do about eating store-bought hummus. I'm very curious if anyone else had a similar transition?

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on November 07, 2013
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So, I was veg for 11 years, with vegan for 9 of those and raw vegan for 7 of those. I came into vegetarianism for animal welfare reasons, and continued with health reasons. I felt great going into veganism, and much better going into raw foods, but I could never bee saticfied with one way, I tried 80-10-10, I tried alot of fat and little carbs, I tried alot of different things, fruitarianism. At the end, I just couldn`t eat anything without getting bloated, and because I experienced acne and sore throad when trying to eat non-strict stuff like bars containing a few non-raw ingredients, I felt like I needed to stay raw. At the end it just was not good for me, and it took alot of real neutral advice for me to accept that I needed to try someting else. I was adviced to check out Paleo and GAPS, so that`s when I just launced myself into GAPS, eating only cooked veggies and meat, after having eaten only raw for 7 years. I have now been on GAPS for 2 months.

My question is: Has anybody done the same?

I am experiencing alot of being tired, and I can`t really do anything, because I am just tired. I am accepting that transitioning from raw vegan to GAPS might be difficult, but I guess I am wondering if anybody else experienced being tired. It`s hard to say if I am actually intolerant at this point to something or all of what I am eating, or if it just got to take time when doing such a transition, that it`s hard on my body, cause my gut is probably not functioning well.

Any experiences or thoughts?

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