Teeth Remineralization/paleo diet - brand new to paleo/healthy living and completely overwhelmed...

Commented on March 16, 2014
Created March 15, 2014 at 11:33 PM

So I've been steadily trying to build up a new routine so I can drastically change my life and so far the only thing that has stuck is oral hygiene (where unfortunately has caused me to notice a lot of cavities, hence the teeth remineralization).

So now the questions:

Can I eat this way for $50-$80 a week?

How in the world do I get raw, grass-fed, no grain milk, meat, butter, oil exc... ? It's become apparent that I can't trust the milk and meat at farmer's markets and whole foods, so what's the next step? How do you buy meet that isn't pre-packaged in plastic (do you have to buy in bulk?)

I'm on the autism spectrum so making trips to the store is generally awful for me (stimulation overload), is there a way that I can get what I need in one place once a week?

I know dairy from whole foods isn't trustworthy for purely grass fed animal products, but can I go there for my veggies? How long will veggies last before I need to buy more?

How can I get proper animal bones to make myself bone broth? This probably ties into the meat question.

For teeth remineralization, what supplements should I be taking if any? I just picked up some organic vitamin D3 which I will start taking soon.

I love salad dressing, and desperately need it to ease into organic eating to offset some of the bitterness from raw veggies. Are there good dressings that wont hinder mineralization and nutrient absorption that I can purchase at a whole foods store?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me sort out all this confusion!



on March 16, 2014
at 01:07 AM

Consider eating more organ meats and less muscle meat. That will help your budget tremendously and give you more nutrients.

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on March 16, 2014
at 12:11 AM

The way to buy good meat on the cheap is to go to eatwild.com, find a local producer, and establish a relationship. You need a freezer. With my guy, if you buy half a carcass ($3.25/lb, or about $4.90/lb for meat, including processing), the bones, the liver, and other offal bits and off cuts are free. If you want extra liver, it is a cheap cut.

The current wisdom on remineralization is that you need A, D and K2. Liver is a rich source of all three.

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