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Answered on June 01, 2014
Created May 31, 2014 at 8:21 PM

Looking into incorporating liver for its nutritious benefits. What I can't seem to determine, however, is to what extend the vitamin and mineral content is diminished by cooking? I've heard some anecdotal reports that you need to eat the liver raw in order to really reap the benefits.

My concern is that raw liver can harbor parasites and other potentially harmful bacteria (I.e. salmonella, E. Coli). Just seems far too risky, especially for something I am to eat on a regular basis...



on June 01, 2014
at 01:38 AM

and especially coccidiosis, although most strains are species specific. Here is what I do: I let the farmer (I bought from him since 2006) know that I will be eating it raw. Also, I eat only the liver of the animals he gives me: one cow liver and 32 chicken livers this year (others in the meat club do not care for liver, and I get them all). Likewise, the only hearts I eat tartare are from those animals.

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on June 01, 2014
at 04:57 PM

Matt 11 is right - don't worry about the cooking diminishing the nutrients.

If you're still interested in eating it raw though you should know parasites and pathogens are eliminated after freezing the liver. I follow what this girl does - http://www.primallyinspired.com/friday-favorites-f...



on June 01, 2014
at 02:31 AM

Negligible loss by cooking. Don't believe the raw hype.

By regular you mean a serving or so per month, right? Liver should not be a staple food, it's a "supplemental" food.

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