radiation ct scan?????

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 06, 2012 at 7:54 PM

i recently had a ct scan for a sinus infection and i am having a panick attack.....i have read about the risks of ct scans on the brain and how they can cause degenerative brain diseases like alzheimers....i have this image of my brain cells being zapped and me turning into a vegetable....is there anything I can do at this point to ensure the integrity of my brain!!!!! please help any advice is much appreciated

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on November 06, 2012
at 08:23 PM

Don't worry about it. While CT-X-ray is more significant than a standard X-ray, it's not that much radiation. Any pseudo-science nonsense that you read about degenerative brain diseases is just hooey. Lots of people talk on the internet with no real knowledge and lots of fear of words like "radiation". The reason that X-rays work is that they pass through the tissue with minimal interaction. There may be a bit of ionizing and dna damage because of the high-energy, but it's a crazy small amount and nothing to worry about for use as a diagnostic tool. Would I get an X-ray every day? no, would I get a CT every month? no. But for exceptional cases it's virtually harmless and usually the information provided to help treatment is worth the potential damage caused by the xray (i.e., it's probably much worse to have an untreated sinus infection).

Learn to ignore internet hooey written by people who don't know science.



on November 06, 2012
at 08:22 PM

Maybe this is spam but if not my suggestion is... you need to cool it! A cat scan of your head is about 10mSv or about the amount extra you'd be exposed to in 1 year from living in Denver relative to something closer to sea level or a few international flights. The volume of your head is relatively small and the tissue is both more tolerant of damage and reproduces less frequently so is much less cancer prone than, say, your abdomen. If it helps, then imagine that right now your cells are being zapped too just by background radiation - it's part of homeostasis. Or if that's driving you nuts now, then you probably need professional help.

If misery likes company, then you might also appreciate knowing that I had 2 cat scans of my head as a kid, back when they didn't care about radiation exposure. I had one done two years ago, 20 years after initial exposure, and it was still normal. My brother, a Radiologist, assures me there's nothing for me to freak out about so definitely not you.


on November 06, 2012
at 10:47 PM

no im legitimately concerned....thanks for the words of comfort much appreciated....

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