Is "Mountain Rose Herbs" a "good" (and a legitimate) site to order from?

Answered on October 06, 2015
Created February 21, 2013 at 1:54 PM

After trying to find this question???s answer, and looking things up on the web, I came across another person on here asking a similar question. Many people answered it, but I am still in doubt ... so here goes my thoughts and experience and questions about them. Any help is greatly appreciated! : ) (and sorry if it???s a bit long!)

I have only ordered one thing from them in the past (slippery elm powder). It came promptly and was shipped nicely. I never bought it in bulk, before, just capsules from the Whole Foods (Soloray brand). It did look different than I expected and it tasted a little funny and different than what I was used to, to me. ... Not bad, just kind of like it had a "flour" taste to it. The thought occurred to me that was it ???watered down????

I researched and researched before I bought from them, and they SEEM like a really good company. And I tried to look online and see if that is what bulk SE powder should be like, but I couldn't confirm or deny it. It (the SE) never helped for the issue I got it with, but I don???t blame the powder, but in the back of my head, I kind of wonder.

I am considering placing another order with them. And I was also going to place one about 6 months ago, and I wanted to see the copies of the certification that they are very open and up-front about that they have and that they are only to happy to show you. And the person I talked to promised to email copies of them to me (being that I thought that was the easiest way for them) of the things I was going to order ... and they said no problem and they were very nice about it. But I NEVER received them. And I never ended up placing that order due to that.

I guess it could have been just an oversight on their part, and I could request them again. But after talking to him about it for a bit of time, and having him promise to send them right out to me right after he got off the phone (and they have my email on file as they sent me a confirmation from my first order, and I also gave it to him again, then), I just wonder why he never did? I even gave them time in case he got busy and didn???t have time to right then. But nothing ever came.

So I am going back and forth about ordering from them again (I wanted to place a rather large order). So that is what I am trying to research and see other peoples opinions and experiences with and about them. I wanted to ease the little bit of a ???wary??? feeling that I have about them, and so I have read as many reviews of their company as I could find.

But again, just like you can read all about a company and it looks great, but in reality it could be true ... or not. By the same token, reviews could be true, or not. I have seen good reviews for them. And I have seen bad.

Some say it used to be a really good company in the past and then they got ???too big for their britches???. Some say it is great, unconditionally. Some say it was good til they had a problem, and then ???all h*** broke loose??? and they were nasty and they did not take responsibility for it and blamed the customer and implied the customer was ripping them off etc. All of them sound as if they could be true concerns.

Some even go so far as to say that they sell ??????crap??? -meaning not legitimate stuff and who knows where it comes from (that is almost exact words they said).

All these opinions (both good and bad) are in more than one review and on more than one site. Though there are not anywhere near as many as, say, on Amazon. So I???m not sure who or what to believe. If I place a big order and DO have problems, am I going to have to fight with them about it? Because I have been ripped off before (don???t EVER order flowers for a funeral -or anything!- at Wesley Berry Flowers on-line) and have had to fight (very, very stressful) and STILL have had no resolving it.

So do I take the chance? Or not?

And also, are they really legitimate? Someone even said their products were old, someone said moldy, and another said they made them sick. Do I take a chance?

I WANT to believe they are a good company like they seem to be on their site .... but then again, anyone can have a site and say anything they want to on it. It doesnt mean its true.

On the other hand, someone could have it in for them and be trying to make people have doubts and not order from them (say a competitor). But, again, is that really realistic that a competitor cares that much that they are going to write those negative reviews? (Especially for a ???small??? company? -though, anything is possible, I guess.)

I just don???t know. And my moms voice goes in my head saying, ???If something seems too good to be true (the great site they seem to have), then it probably is!???


So how do I know WHAT to believe? I already have a bit of a funny feeling about them, but is it my imagination? Or just my natural normal concern that is legitimate, but unfounded? Or is there really something to steer clear of here?

Any help, input, thoughts, and/or suggestions, would be very much appreciated.




on February 21, 2013
at 02:50 PM

This really has been addressed before. http://paleohacks.com/questions/113467/does-anyone-order-from-mountainroseherbs-com#axzz2LXpuFBxR

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on February 22, 2013
at 04:50 PM

Love Mountain Rose herbs... Order lots from them.

Also try Seed Oil Company. They are in Oregon Also. They don't have as many products, but the one's they do have are awesome.



on February 21, 2013
at 09:07 PM

I live not too far away from Mountain Rose and order from them several times a year. They've been in business a long time, have won more than a few awards for sustainability and fair trade practices, and have pretty extensive and established herb plots of their own in the area. The staff has always been helpful and the service good.

Companies like Mountain Rose always have the dilemma of relying on many overseas sources for their products and the reliability of those is only as good as Mountain Rose's ability to assess the suppliers. I think they do a pretty good job of that overall. The prices are also competitive.

I'd order teas, herbs, barks, roots and remedies like salve and tinctures over just about any other company, largely because I know they are paying about the best attention to the big picture as they possibly can and still make a profit.

Growing my own would be about the only other better choice.


on October 06, 2015
at 12:23 PM

I know this is an old question, but...

Their website doesn't accurately represent their stock, and you will not find out if items are out of stock until you receive your order.

I was really looking forward to receiving my order - instead I received the $3.75 muslin bags and a slip of paper telling me the main item was on backorder, for 2-4 weeks, maybe more. I was also charged the full price for shipping ($9.74).

I feel tricked into waiting weeks or months for an item I could have purchased (and received) elsewhere. Not a good customer experience at all.

I'm trying to cancel my order, and am waiting to hear back from them.  But I've also been looking at reviews for this company and it sounds like I may just need to eat the cost if I want to avoid a lot of heachaches dealing with subpar customer service as well...

My advice - read the complaints on the BBB site if you're still thinking of ordering from them (don't be fooled by their score)

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