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What on earth do we mean by a Quantum Diet? A Diet that deals with electrons and photons? Is there really such a thing?

Ultimately every cell, our whole body as a collection of cells and all of life is one big interconnected energy transferring machine. Often in Energy Medicine or bioenergetic circles we think of Nutrition as something separate, yet metabolism of glucose to ATP and then interacting with Oxygen and giving off CO2 works purely through electron transfer. There are some incredible pictures of bacteria that purely live on electrons. They cut out the middle man and go straight to the source. Our mitochondria originate from bacteria and have a rich store of electrons ready to provide energy to the body. Once we realize how everything in the body is energy transfer and much of it is electron transfer, it isn't such a leap to see why grounding and spending time in sunlight provides energy to the body. There are even those that claim to be able to live on light and grounding alone. I'm not advocating that here, but one can see how we all get a significant portion of our energy needs without food at all. It would be an interesting mathematical question to see how much Energy we get from the ground and sun alone. At it's most simplest, the reason our body's are able to function and move is because electrons (and other particles such as photons) are able to move usefully through the body. Biology is ultimately is about movement of energy. Assuming we're all in the "I'd like to carry on eating please" camp, what source of fuel is the most efficient energetically? Protein although glucose can be made from it by the liver in a process called glycogenesis is not the most efficient source of energy and eating beyond the bodies need for it, is fairly counter productive. That leaves carbohydrates and fats. Fat fuels the body through the liver converting fatty acids into Ketone bodies. Ketone bodies are more energetically efficient than either pyruvate or fatty acids because they are more reduced (greater hydrogen/carbon ratio) than pyruvate and do not uncouple the mitochondrial proton gradient as occurs with fatty acid metabolism. In contrast to glucose, ketone bodies by-pass cytoplasmic glycolysis and directly enter the mitochondria where they are oxidized to acetyl-CoA. The amount of acetyl-CoA formed from ketone body metabolism is also greater than that formed from glucose metabolism.Remarkably, the ketone body-induced increase in the ??G'ATP is also accomplished using less oxygen. These and other findings designate ketone bodies as a "super fuel". Not only that in addition to increasing ATP production while reducing oxygen consumption, ketone body metabolism can also reduce production of damaging free radicals. The reduction of free radicals through ketone body metabolism will also reduce tissue inflammation provoked by reactive oxygen species. Thus, ketone bodies are not only a more efficient metabolic fuel than glucose, but also possess anti-inflammatory potential. What's this mean in English? A big thumbs up to FAT. In NES we have something called the Fat Metabolism Infoceutical. This is designed to help the liver to convert fat too ketones, the bodies newly discovered super fuel. When it works best is when we're not fighting it through excess carbohydrate consumption which brings us round to definite bad eating habits. Almost all of us have been led to believe in low fat, high carb diets which unfortunately train our mitochondria to use that as a source of fuel with a constant craving for more, leads to over production of insulin, onset of diabetes and other diseases. If you take anything away from this article, then at the least stop eating high glycemic carbs - sugars, pasta, potatoes etc. If you want to experiment with optimising your health and switch on the ketosis pathway in a stronger way consider cutting out all grains and getting 60-80% of your fuel from Fat. This leaves a lot of room for a lot of vegetables and even some fruit - this isn't zero carb (most food has some carbs) and it certainly is not lots of difficult to digest meat. Remember most vegetables are highly fibrous, take up a lot of room on the plate compared to the fatty fish that contains the most calories. The thought of all that fat put me off, but when you actually look at it on your plate - it's really replacing much of those previous carbs with some more vegetables and some very tasty fat. Like anything, we all have different optimums of carb and fat intake and all come from different eating and exercise histories - HOWEVER we all also possess both pathways and can work towards turning more of the fat pathway on and more of the carb pathway off. And remember Fat Metabolism Infoceutical - it may help this process immensely. When Fat Met fails is when you are competing with the body and consuming high carb and high fat. No brainer, but surprising how many people over the years have asked us why they didn't loose weight with Fat Met - and when asked - yes they ate a lot of carbs in that period. Fat Met helps convert Fat to Ketones to give you Energy. The Carb pathway is entirely different with excess carbs, creating weight gain - period. We started this post calling it the Quantum Diet and so far it's been more electron transfer than Quantum Biology. Well alright electrons are very small particles........But what about that strange part of Quantum where particles can magically appear and disappear? What about other sources of energy for the body that don't just come from food or the earth's electrons? Enter the world of microtubules - our body is full of them - lung tissue, kidney's, mitochondria, brain tissue it goes on. Not only that we have cavities that scale in the body too - ie mitochondria inside heart cells, inside the heart, inside the chest cavity - all helping to tune in collect, store and transmit energy throughout the body. Ok the detail is probably for another post how cavities work - or if you can't wait read Decoding The Human Body-field http://www.amazon.com/Decoding-Human-Body-Field-Information-Medicine/dp/1594772258 . In brief, Energy from space in the form of waves can be tuned by microtubules in the body. These microtubules are able to convert the energy in those waves too electrons, which our body is able to use as an energy source. Quantum WeirdNES again I know.......A perhaps an example to bring it into every day terms, is to think about how the sun (light energy waves), generates energy (electrons) in plants which helps them grow through photosynthesis. Plants are wonderful examples of Quantum Biology. Somehow with the rise of biochemistry, we forgot that the animal kingdom is also part of physics too. The health of the microtubules therefor is pretty important. If we can increase how much energy microtubules produce for the body - simply we will have more energy to do more things :-) and will need less food to fuel ourselves. Less bodily resources put into handling food, means more energy and resources are put into repair and growth. In other words, great for health. So what are microtubules made of and how can we make them perform better?The membranes of microtubules are made from you guessed it healthy fats. And the two organs that have both the largest concentration of microtubules AND the largest energy requirements - the brain and the heart - are mostly constructed of DHA found in high concentrations in fatty fish (salmon, mackeral, achoivees etc.) or algae (which is the fish's source). Cell membranes are made up of two layers of phospholids of which on one end have conductors and the other insulators. By arranging the insulator end in the middle - we end up with what in electronics is called a capacitor. Capacitors store electrons and voltage. To give it some perspective - they are able to hold a charge of 70 millivolts across 7-10 nanometers which is about 10 million volts per meter! Not bad for a bit of fat. Perhaps the importance of eating healthy fat - especially DHA is beginning to make sense. So we have the storage mechanism, the next part is what is inside the microtubule that allows an energy wave to convert some of that energy into free electrons. The dimension of the microtubule allows it to tune into energy waves, but it is the Structured Water that's inside the membranes that actually converts the energy and gives off free electrons. Good clean water being a very important part of the Quantum Diet, structured water even better. However how to get really good structured water is up for debate - there's many claims from many people. In addition to using clean filtered or spring water, it's generally best to let nature provide it for you in the form of low carb organic fresh juices - ie. using cucumber and celery as a base instead of apples and carrots and then add in other greens as desired. The water from vegetable juices already comes from inside the cell and has been performing photosynthesis or energy conversion perfectly :-). Ionized and other forms of structured water may or may not be that close to the same structure of the water required inside microtubules to make the perfect little energy machines. Add the two mechanisms together - we have a way of collecting energy, storing and discharging it too. ie. the inside of the microtubule collects it via structured water and the fatty membrane on the outside stores and discharges it. If you want to turbo charge this mechanism - take the source and cell driver infoceuticals together. Now we probably have the basis for the world's first Quantum Diet. It's somewhere between vegan, paleo, eskimo and juice fasting. Well I never said the Quantum Diet couldn't be political :-). So let's summarize what the Quantum Diet actually is: a) Your biology loves cycles - so doing some intermittent fasting is great for cleansing the body but if you do a day or 2 a week of juice fasting - it's even better - you'll be providing first rate quality structured water to your cells so they are able to attract non food based energy better. I recommend regardless having a fresh juice each day too. b) Have the highest amounts of DHA possible, followed by other omega 3's. You can get these from fatty fish and can buy pure DHA from algae (or take fish oils). This is going to help your cells store and discharge energy. Other healthy fats including saturated fats are good as well - but if you focus on the omega 3's more than the others - your quantum biology body will appreciate it more. c) Protein should be around 10 - 15% of your intake. Fish being the best source because it contains the best fats for energy production - let alone that it makes you smart. Being smart is useful. Include plenty of vegan sources of protein from hemp, quinoa, inchi seeds etc. Meat itself - little bit every now and then is ok if we're talking optimal, however people tend to eat too much and give the body extra work to do, let alone it being hard to digest. d) Low amount of Carbohydrates - especially the high glycemic ones such as pasta, bread and potatoes. You might just want to cut out all grains to really get the advantages of a low inflammation and more energy efficient metabolism. Some fruit is fine - it's the overall amount of carbs in a day that matter - not whether you have a bit of fruit or not. Just think around 20%-30% carbs. e) Vegetables - lots of them, especially cultured and sea vegetables. Bacteria helps converts fat into smaller fatty acid chains along with other nutrients and sea vegetables are incredible rich sources of minerals, especially iodine which helps metabolism, let alone helping with neurotransmitter production. Remember although your calorie input is meant to come from a much higher portion of fats than you probably used too - most vegetables contain mostly water, fiber and nutrients and don't contain many calories so still the majority of your plate will be vegetables. So what is eating like this going to do for you? Primarily it's about Energy production. Give your cells the ability to have a large amount of Energy, they will take care of your body. That aside, this diet because of how ketones are an efficient super fuel, it is also anti-inflammatory and by default because of the high concentration of mitochondria in the brain and heart tissue - it's incredibly healthy for your heart and brain. Combine Energy with Intelligence and we have a recipe for a very active healing system :-).Harry

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