Removing PUFAs in almond butter

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 24, 2013 at 4:36 PM

I want to include almond butter for a tablespoon a day. I removed all nuts for the O6 content. I came across a comment in the paleosphere a whole ago about removing the clearer fat sitting atop almond butter containers.

Any reason to believe Pufas rise more than other fats? If this is true would you removing that fat would remove the greater majority of pufas in almond butter?


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on August 24, 2013
at 05:33 PM

Doubtful you'd be able to remove just the PUFAs by removing the liquid fat. Fats are packaged as triglycerides, and aren't all PUFA, MUFA or satruated, they're usually a mixture in each triglyceride (3 fatty acids per glycerol). At room temperature, all of the triglycerides are liquid so the liquid fat on top is a mixture of all types. The density of fats are all roughly the same.

In theory, you might be able to freeze the MUFA/saturated portion and decant off the PUFAs, but with the small amount of fat that separates from nut butters, that's probably an exercise in futility.



on August 25, 2013
at 12:37 AM

Read on http://itsthewooo.blogspot.com/ that she removes the liquid oil from the top of natural PB(she's NOT paleo) and replaces it with coconut oil. It sounds great and should work with almond butter. Would give a better mix of ratios.

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