Oil (if not tallow) for deepfrying - in UK?

Asked on May 06, 2014
Created May 06, 2014 at 9:22 PM

So, on something of an impulse (and for a specific few recipes) I recently bought a small deep fat fryer. We are going to use this once a month or less! I am vaguely paleo in diet but in terms of health and weight loss I am leaning towards a more fasting oriented view, i.e. keep it paleo most of the time, but happy to treat myself as I feel this is balanced by regular fasts (Brad Pilon style!). Like, I will go to McDonalds without guilt every few months.

Part of me thinks "this is a rare treat - just use whatever the heck oil is going to be best for the dish", but as ever, part of me wonders if there is some damage limitation that can be done in oil selection. I eat organic/raw coconut oil but this is unsuitable for deep frying. I will use beef tallow for savoury stuff but don't really want my churros tasting meaty!

So if I have to use a liquid oil (bad!), what are my options? The current contenders are rice bran, peanut and sunflower. On that note, I cannot find anywhere that sells high oleic sunflower oil in the UK, at least not in amounts that I can afford for deepfrying (??10 for 450mls?!). I know that how saturated it is done not equal it's smoke point, at that the best combo is lowest O6, highest MUFA, highest smoke point. Any tips? Any paleo deep fryers with a preference? Or should I write off these rarities as a cheat/treat, just like when I go for pizza?!

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