Understanding Fish Supply Chain

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Canned tuna can start with a fish that is cooked whole (oil leaks out) then is deboned - then the "loins" are frozen - then shipped to china - thawed, put in a can, recooked - then shipped to USA. After all this, the Tuna loin becomes "least" nutritional part of the fish - but in the USA, we loadem' up with mayo so we are none the wiser.

alaska salmon is better, not shipped around as much. and yes, the 'whole fish' is healthier than just the fillet - bones and skin have organic calcium and nature collagen peptides.

wild fish is always better than farmed - because the feed is not as heavy on omega 3s the fish fillet will often be 50% less in Omega 3s. Farmed fish often get heavy antibiotics to deal with sea lice, major issue in salmon.

we live in a world we can't always afford "best" - but its good to be educated on the products.

fish protein powder is another option - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_protein_powder

there are currently only a couple options of fish protein powder in USA.




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@AxialGentleman He's a "polite" spammer - after having some comments and "questions" (i.e. ads) closed, he isn't including a direct referral link to the product he wants to sell you. Also: this is not a question, so he did it again. ;-)


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This is the second post I've seen today conspicuously linking to the wikipedia article on fish protein powder. Would you happen to be involved with one of these suppliers? Also, you repeatedly described omega-3 fats as the critical nutrient in fish, so why would fish protein powder be particularly desirable?

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