Too Much Protein = Lowered Metabolism/Bad Digestion?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 23, 2013 at 11:19 PM

I usually get about 60% of my daily calories from protein, but lately I've been feeling off and gaining weight. Could this have resulted in a decrease in metabolism? I've been eating like this probably since December of last year or so.

EDIT: I eat about 1.1-1.2 g per lb of lean body mass, but the satiety ratio is so high I don't need that much more. I guess it's more like an extended protein-sparing modified fast?


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3 Answers


on August 24, 2013
at 12:19 AM

I personally do not recommend a diet with 60% of calories from protein. You eat too much of a macro-nutrient that you simply cannot use and you probably eat too little fat, which might be more useful.

There is a lot of discussion about macro-nutrient ratios and there is a wide range of diets that seem to work great for certain people. But it's usually either higher in carbs or higher in fat and not higher in protein.

My question to you is: Why do you eat this much protein? And there are two follow-ups: Why don't you eat more carbs? Why don't you eat more fat?

I would definitely reduce the protein and increase the fat and/or carbs (depending whether a diet higher in carb or higher in fat works best for you). Fattier cuts of meat, fatty fish, butter/ghee, coconut oil, eggs, olive oil for salads, lard, heavy cream, avo are things you could consider. And possibly potatoes/sweet potatoes as well.

A paleo diet is not supposed to be a mostly-meat diet. It should contain healthy fats and, depending on the tolerance, good carbs.



on August 24, 2013
at 05:32 AM

Newby here so......If paleo is suppose to equate roughly to what ancient humans ate then protein (a kill) would have been a special treat and not the everyday norm of the diet day in and day out. Granted I myself intake about 1 gram of protein/ pound of lean body weight (4-5 small meals/day) but I do work out fairly heavy to burn it, so my comment is not a criticism just a point of illustration.

One thing to consider is when you consume a lot of protein your body uses vitamin B complex to process it through your liver, so make sure you are getting elevated amounts of B-vitamins to help your body deal with the protein processing to save your liver load and not pack the corners of your colon. Also take note of your exhaust(droppings) as a sign of the efficiency and health of your overall diet/digestion/eliminations cycle.


on August 24, 2013
at 05:31 AM

An active person needs 0.7-1g protein/lb lean body mass. If your protein consumption exceeds that, then your liver has to work to handle the excess protein the same way it would handle a toxin.

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