Should I be afraid of protein?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 02, 2013 at 8:46 PM

I am 30 years old, 5'9", and 182 pounds. I've lost 20 pounds on Paleo since October 2012, but I'm nervous about gaining weight back if I stop doing cardio (I supplement each workouts with 30-45 minutes on the StairMaster).

I'm also afraid that, if I take a protein supplement that's Paleo-friendly (like PaleoPro or Sun Warrior), I'll gain weight where I don't want it: in my face or chest.

What are your thoughts?



on May 02, 2013
at 08:56 PM

I'd be more afraid of wasting my money on some overpriced "paleo" protein powder.

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4 Answers



on May 03, 2013
at 12:59 AM

No, you should not be afraid of protein -- but make it protein from REAL food not processed supplements. Drinking your calories is never ideal...even if its "paleo friendly".

Also cardio isn't all its cracked up to be.

If you're looking to lose weight try switching it up with intervals, try HIIT, lift weights and eat whole foods that don't come in a box or container. Do those things and you're already way ahead of the SAD pack :).



on May 03, 2013
at 01:57 AM

I pretty much agree with everything said above. Steve has a great point by saying that protein is that last thing you should be worried about overdoing. About gaining weight on your face or chest, I have no idea where you got that notion but I wouldn't worry about it. And I disagree with some of what was said above in that cardio can be very helpful in fat loss. A brisk walk outside first thing in the morning will help you burn some more fat, besides just being a great start to any day. But you can do Much better than slaving away on a cardio machine in a gym. Walk or hike outside, do some sprints, play at something, etc. Go enjoy yourself while moving around, it will be much better for you.



on May 03, 2013
at 01:50 AM

If you stop doing exercise make sure you aren't stopping exercise. Exercise in some form or physical activity or whatever you want to call it is key for optimal health. Mitochondrial function is key and whether you get that from Jack Kruse style ice baths, Phil Campbell style Sprints, Doug Mcguff style workouts, briskly walking or lifting weights you need to make sure that you get those physical activities in and don't just lead a sedentary lifestyle.

That being said, protein is the Absolute Last thing you want to be afraid of, carbs and fat can both get mobilized into triglycerides and stored as fat pretty easily. Breaking down protein not amino acids and c venting it into bodyfat is a whole mother matter. Unless you have some sort of kidney disease I'd recommend most people cut back on fat or carbs before I'd recommend they cut down on protein. Try to eat whole food proteins in place of your shakes when possible. And NO, you absolutely don't need to be afraid of more protein unless you have a kidney disease or are now eating a calorie surplus.



on May 03, 2013
at 01:32 AM

IMO cardio is borderline useless for fat loss (as to be distinguished from straight scale weight loss, which is a poor indicator, inches and body fat percentage being much better). For fat loss and general health I would lift heavy weights with good form.

For the powder, I eat a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, and sometimes I use whey or casein powder to hit the goal. So no you shouldn't be afraid of protein, especially if you're lifting, and there really isn't any such thing as a paleo friendly powder, that's just bullshit marketing.

Also, you might gain weight in your face and chest specifically? Other than don't be ridiculous, I'm not sure what to say to that part.

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