Recommend Quantities Per Day of Bone in Meat?

Answered on October 05, 2013
Created October 05, 2013 at 2:16 PM

There are lots of suggestions online for how many grams of protein to eat for your body weight per day, and there are also some hints at to how this relates to meat quantities. The trouble is, I am finding it hard to find much data on protein quantities for bone in meat. I suppose this is because it varies so much depending on how much is bone and how much is meat.

I was wondering if 500g of bone in goat meat per day sounds like too much. I am 5,3". I do not know my weight, but I would guess it is 125-135lb.

I am not too hung up on getting some sort of exact number, I am just trying to find out if this sounds like a good amount. From what I have read, above a certain amount, extra protein is not really that helpful and you are probably better off consuming more fat or maybe some extra starchy vegetables for carbs if you need more energy. So I'm just trying to get a feel for what seems right. It's very difficult to learn how to judge good portion sizes when previously you based your meals on legumes and grains.

I am currently following some suggestions for healing my gut, so eggs and dairy as protein sources are out. I am currently (for the next month or so) limited to goat meat as my only meat source. So I am eating it three times a day. I eat absolutely all of it, suck out the marrow, etc. I also then make stock from the bones. I'm not saying I will eat only bone in meat as protein for months and months, but it does look like this'll be it for me for a while. Does it seem like a sensible quantity?

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on October 05, 2013
at 05:23 PM

There is no rough portion size for meat with bone. Every cow is different, every cut of meat has different bone weights. If you aren't going to invest in a scale you are fighting at windmills. Scales are super cheap and you can pick up one for under $20. I use my kitchen scale several times a day. I rarely deal with measuring cups/spoons anymore as I weight ingredients in grams, which speeds up cooking and less things to clean up.


on October 05, 2013
at 03:42 PM

I understand that completely. What I'm saying is it's pretty easy if you are eating just meat without bone to see that you eat about x grams per day, then look up to see if that's a reasonable amount of protein. For instance, 0.7-1 g per lb of bodyweight might be recommended. And you can even find simpler, less neurotic advice than that (e.g. not weighing everything and counting every single calorie) - Perfect Health Diet recommends something like 1/2-1lb of meat a day as being good, and there's some other paleo-ish book which says 3 meals a day with a piece of protein about the size of your palm. These simple portion size recommendations work well - but what is a rough portion size for bone in meat?

I don't have a kitchen scale to weigh my meat. I don't want to cut it off the bone because I like to cook and eat it on the bone. And I'm not concerned about what calories may be in it. I'm just trying to see if I am eating a reasonable amount of protein, without getting completely neurotic about every last gram.


on October 05, 2013
at 03:07 PM

The protein is all in the meat. You could cook it, cut it off the bone, and then use the standard nutritional information to find out how much protein you're getting. There's lots of fat in the marrow, but that's a separate nutritional issue.

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