How to recover from overeating (protein)?

Asked on January 09, 2014
Created January 09, 2014 at 6:09 PM

Background - I'm ~5'7'' (171cm) and normally weigh around ~108 lbs (48.5 kg). 20 years of age, female. And yes, I know, I'm underweight. I've always been and it's not a problem: enough energy to study and get good grades, enough energy to work out daily (kickboxing/wrestling 4 times per week, other times either gym or running), no problems with mood or skin or any other things that tend to plague those whose bodies are suffering from malnutrition. :) Also, I've had different blood test and they've been good. (Just to make things clear.)

I was reading about how fat works in a body and 'discovered' paleo. Upon reading a bit more, I realised that I was already pretty much eating 'according to the rules' (my fat ratio is a bit low, that's all).

Anyways. Somehow I managed to consume nearly 800g of salmon in one day (this Monday). I ate salmon for morning and later in a party. Calorie-wise it was okay - I didn't consume more calories than usual. I just really really felt like eating salmon that day. Only salmon. Don't know why exactly. Maybe needed more vitamin D or something... I usually do follow my whims in terms of eating, since they tend to be quite harmless as far as I'm concerned - sometimes I really crave carrots, other days I want to eat liver etc. It's quite normal for me to have a day or two in a month where I only eat one food because I really feel like it. (I don't usually eat 800g of it though.)

However, the day after was truly awful (as expected). Nausea, diarrhea, feeling half-dead. I thought it was just possible salt overdose and generally way too much protein. I upped my water intake, even though I was not and am not thirsty. On Wednesday I had a banana and very watery buckwheat porridge. Couldn't force myself to eat something else, still feeling awful. Did a light workout, just to feel a bit more alive, and ate some more porridge. However, now it's Thursday night (at least in my country) and I still feel half-dead. I feel like in a haze, sort of weirdly disconnected. I certainly doesn't feel like starvation (no racing thoughts or other symptoms I have when I forget to eat). It's more like the whole world has slowed down. Also, I feel very bloated. My scale reads ~111 lbs (50.5kg), probably all the water I'm drinking (?). I have no appetite, so the ~1000kcal I've had on Wednesday and Thursday were more to make sure I don't lose all nutrients. I feel like sleeping all the time. I managed to work out, but I didn't feel so energised as usual. Don't know what else to say...

Anyone else here with a similar experience? How long did it take for you to feel back to normal? What to do in such a situation? Recommendations, anything? I considered the possibility of the fish being somehow bad, but so far I think the lack of other symptoms and the fact that no-one else is ill, seems to show that I just severely overate...

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