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Answered on June 13, 2014
Created June 12, 2014 at 1:24 PM

I'm all about whole food snacks for on the go: boiled eggs, home made jerky, fruits, avocados etc etc. I am also a huge believer that you should consume mostly (if not all) whole foods everyday in order to obtain and maintain your best possible health.

All that being said, I do miss the convenience (or, at least, what I consider to be convenient), of a simple protein shake that I can carry around in my water bottle and sip from without needing to do anything else. They were easily portable on trips and easy to pack extra for during the week while travelling. During an early business meeting, I could bring along my protein shake and have my protein easily and under the radar. Now, in lieu of no more 'processed' protein shakes, when I chomp on a bag of nuts, try eating a boiled egg, or an apple, I find myself a little intrusive and feeling a bit inappropriate given the context. Now, I know suggestions would be something like "Just IF in the morning" or " Eat breakfast before you go", and those are all valid, but that's not really my question. I already know what I could do instead of having a PS.

I would like your feedback on this protein shake: Sunwarrior. The list of ingredients seems (to me) legit enough and the claims it goes on to list (although most likely purely buzz word heavy marketing touts) do somewhat speak to me in terms of some fairly optimal ingredients. I have had 'protein shakes' with beef gelatin and all that, and those are fine, but I would like feedback on this protein specifically.

I also realize that pea protein isn't specifically Paleo, but other than that is there anything on here that seems off to anyone ingredient wise? Any experience with the brand before I experiment?


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on June 13, 2014
at 09:05 AM

Will you combine it with things like grass fed lard/beef tallow, animal phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl serine, zinc, selenium and animal form b vitamins to compensate for what is lacking from what our species ate in most of the evolution ?

Something like grassfed jerky and pork skin snacks sounds better to me.



on June 12, 2014
at 02:56 PM

in general it looks fine. The sodium content (from the "Ancient Sea Salt") seems out of place.

I'd also be concerned about the iron content given your current diet, I'm not sure you need to supplement (especially with that much). Also, looking at the ingredients, not sure where that much iron is coming form.

Other than that everything looks on par with other protein drinks -- although this is 2-3 times as expensive.

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