Got Turkey?! Need Digestion~

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 13, 2011 at 7:45 PM

What animal product do you find the easiest to digest? Most difficult?

Lately my sources have changed in order of easiest to digest.

Eggs Beef Bison Chicken Fish Game Turkey

Anyone else notice these kinds of changes? I generally do not have an issue but Turkey has been the beast lately. I seem to be avoiding it. I will sometimes take an enzyme to support digestion, but prefer not to. I normally feel that I run a pretty clean burn when it comes to digestion.



on December 24, 2011
at 05:41 PM

I gotta agree w/your order... that's what works for me.



on October 17, 2011
at 02:19 PM

Yes, James...I am noticing a trend in my nutrition clients as well and thought I would put it out here to see if it was general too. It seems that yes is the consensus and not just on this board...thanks!



on October 13, 2011
at 10:14 PM

Funny... turkey is definitely not going down fantastic either.

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6 Answers



on November 26, 2011
at 03:39 PM

About a month or two after starting paleo, I suddenly couldn't eat eggs because they just sat there like a big weight. A few months afterwards, I could all of a sudden eat eggs again.

It might just be not having all the minerals and micronutrients needed to produce enough digestive enzymes and stomach acid.

Turkey tends to be very lean/dry (if it's white meat), so maybe you need some liquid to go with it, or maybe you need some more acid in your stomach. Betaine HCL would help with this, or plain old apple cider.



on October 13, 2011
at 07:47 PM

raw salmon and tuna



on December 30, 2011
at 12:43 AM

Beef and fruit are much easier for me to digest than any other foods. No problems at all, and with the beef the greasier the better.

Salads and non-starchy vegetables would be next, also pretty easy and comfortable.

Poultry, fish/seafood and starchy vegetables are noticeably less easy but usually not a real problem either. There is a sluggish period while my body focuses on digestion, which doesn't occur with the foods mentioned earlier.

Pork is actually a problem for me other than a slice or two of bacon and perhaps I'd have trouble with that if I ate a large portion. The only way I can comfortably deal with pork is if it's the only food consumed in the meal. Before I had my gallbladder taken out, I got a bellyache from pork unless it had been boiled--the fat that is boiled out is what I couldn't handle.

Dairy is another problem category in general although I'm handling one portion of yogurt plus a little cream in my coffee pretty well now.


on December 30, 2011
at 12:19 AM

i cant eat white meat turkey when its cooked gotta munch on it raw or its just jerky in my gut the breast tenderloin is like pate tho, its good... thighs i just slowly barely simmer and then let em sit in the hot water til fully cooked(well maybe not fully but close, i like rare:)! i have really delicate digestion but this seems to work raw meat, cooked veggies, lots of butter and fat, greens, some eggs and yogurt/sourcream


on October 15, 2011
at 08:29 AM

It is very individual.I tolerate raw dairy protein pretty well so i would say for me it is:

1.raw cottage cheese







on October 13, 2011
at 08:00 PM

Interestingly I just realized I haven't bothered with poultry at all in quite a while. In order of most frequent ingested I would have to go ...eggs, beef, salmon, pork, sardines, shell fish, chicken, turkey.



on December 24, 2011
at 05:41 PM

I gotta agree w/your order... that's what works for me.

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