Fermented soy protein powder

Commented on March 23, 2012
Created March 23, 2012 at 10:05 PM

I currently use a protein powder made from pea protein, hemp and chia seeds. I know, I know...it's not 100% paleo because of the pea protein. I have another that uses rice and pea protein.

I love eggs and fish and use that as my main staple proteins. However, for breakfast, I want something besides eggs or fish. I don't really eat red meat (no, I'm not afraid of it...just not a big fan of the texture) and want something light in the mornings.

I LOVE smoothies but will not use whey protein powder. I also don't want to use egg protein powder since I think the quality (unless very highly priced) is poor because of the feed the animals receive.

I found this...fermented soy protein: http://www.jarrow.com/product.php?prodid=352

I know fermented soybeans aren't as "frowned upon" in the paleo world, so what do you think of it? Is this better than the rice/pea/hemp protein? Or should I stick with what I have?

I just think this is a little less processed than the rice/pea protein and the fermentation is a plus.



on March 23, 2012
at 10:19 PM

But rice is a grain so it isn't paleo either. I guess I'm wondering what's the lesser of two "evils" Would you consider rice as a better choice?



on March 23, 2012
at 10:14 PM

why risk it? Use gelatin powder or even rice powder over that! Since I didn't have any science for you, I didn't post a real answer -just this comment.

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