CA residents, how are you coping with the drought?

Commented on September 06, 2014
Created September 05, 2014 at 8:10 PM

I have been eating paleo on and off and have recently dove back in but am having a hard time with the drought finding grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken, etc at a decent price. I have 5 hens and get my eggs from my girls but other wise have been eating a lot of tuna and wild salmon since it takes so much water to raise beef. What are my fellow Californians doing for protein? I'm just 90 mins south of the Oregon border?

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2 Answers



on September 06, 2014
at 12:02 AM

Why not move to pork, which is vastly more water-effective, and offers lard and edible skin (gelatin)?



on September 06, 2014
at 12:09 AM

Other than pulled pork I've never really had much, what are some of your favorite pork dishes? What is a good price for pastured pork? So I know I'm not being ripped off. Our farmers market only has beef and lamb so I'm going to have to do some research. 



on September 06, 2014
at 01:13 AM

Pork is substantially cheaper than beef, although it is partially grain fed. Here in the Midwest, I am still paying $2.50/lb for the carcass (it is $3.50/lb for beef). Pig shanks and smoked ham are my favorite meat dishes, there is bacon and lard of course, and I prefer pork burger (with some chili and fennel mixed in)  to regular burger. Pig bones broth is good. I do not particularly care for pork chops, though. I do get beef, specially this year with all the rain, we are going to get good beef, but I would switch to all pork without a problem.



on September 06, 2014
at 02:15 PM


A good price for pork depends on your location.  Land prices vary a lot throughout the country, and that's a major component of the price of pastured meats.

For recipes, I suggest a search of the internet, especially at sites like allrecipes.com.  Be sure to review the highest-rated recipes.



on September 06, 2014
at 12:14 PM

You could always order it online.  It doesn't seem the drought affected the prices I see on northstarbison.com.  i.e.  http://www.northstarbison.com/store/meats/grass-fed-beef/halves-split-half-sampler

is the same as the last time I ordered.  Sure, it's not the lowest price as you'd get direct from a farmer, but it is affordable as long as you have a chest or deep freezer.

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