Paleo Protein Powder?

Answered on October 20, 2014
Created October 14, 2014 at 10:58 PM

I have to get jaw surgery and will be 6 weeks in recovery with no solid food. I don't want to blend chicken or something, I do plan to use but butters etc. But that won't provide me with enough protein. I need some sort of supplement.

Does anyone know of a Paleo protein powder or is there no such thing?

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3 Answers



on October 15, 2014
at 12:27 PM

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard.  Not paleo, but it's good stuff by a good company, and not absurdly priced



on October 15, 2014
at 03:45 PM

Second that. I buy the 5lb variety from Amzon (Prime) for $57 and it lasts about 2 months using it every day I lift. 


on October 20, 2014
at 06:06 AM

Raw liver (beef, goat, chicken) purees easily in the blender if you want to add it to any soups you might make.



on October 15, 2014
at 01:50 AM

Some paleo peeps are OK with whey protein powder, hemp or egg protein may be another option if you don't do dairy.  But for SIX WEEKS you can benefit from better nutrition than that (and protein powder could get old REALLY FAST!).  You want the best nutrition possible for good healing. 

I would suggest making bone broth and freezing it (ice cube trays so you can thaw as much or as little as you need)--you can puree foods with bone broth to a consistency you can handle with your wired jaw.  Things won't necessarily LOOK appealing, but you'll be getting all the micronutrients and flavor of REAL food.  You'll need a good blender.  Keep coconut milk on hand to blend foods that won't taste good with broth, and maybe some fruit juices, too.  The gelatin in homemade broth will speed your healing.

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