Are there any vegan protein powders that are Paleo acceptable?

Answered on December 09, 2014
Created November 30, 2014 at 2:30 AM

I just became a paleo fueled athlete and just started incorporating animal based proteins (fish and chicken primarily) into my diet. I sitll have a soft spot for animals and hate the meat industry, so I get all my fish and meat locally sourced. Thus I do not really trust any whey or egg protein powders even if it said "grass fed" and whether it came from "happy cows." Its also really expensive. Are there any vegan protein powders that would work? Anything with brown rice protein powder would be out but what about something like Spam Warrior? I like using powders right after workouts for quicker rocovery compared to solid food.  

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on November 30, 2014
at 02:14 PM

No. Plants are not high in protein. They have to be highly processed to extract and concentrate it. Avoiding processed foods such as gluten, soy protein isolate, and brown rice powder is Paleo, not finding a better powder. Eat some nuts instead. Hazelnuts are about 15% protein which is high for naturally occurring protein in a plant food.

 Avoiding meat is not ancestral or Paleo. You'd be far closer eating some high protein jerky, smoked fish or canned sardines for post-workout protein. Learn to hunt. Get rid of some of the surplus pest rabbits and deer. 



on December 09, 2014
at 03:40 PM

Don't listen to the vegan/vegetarian hate on here.  It's not a nutritionally good choice for everyone but some of us can do quite well with only a very few animal products.  Listen to your OWN body.  I think it's fine for you to live a lower-meat lifestyle if you can be healthy on that, and I think it's perfectly 'Paleo' to do so since plant foods would have been much easier to get for our ancestors.  And plant powders are about similarly as processed as animal-based protein powders.  The protein digestibility of plants is typically around 70-90%, while animal proteins are at 99% approximately, that's if you have a healthy gut.  Huge protein loss... 

That being said, I do think protein powders in general are a silly idea, and processed, yes.  Perhaps you could prep some high-protein cooked greens to eat after your workout, or bring nuts.  The first thing that came to mind as a good alternative, though, is hemp seed powder.  Hemp seed is a complete protein, which is rare for plants though not unheard of.  I think the grassfed whey powders are ok nutritionally, though I share your concern for 'are these cows really happy, or am I just lying to myself'.

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