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Answered on January 10, 2014
Created January 10, 2014 at 4:08 AM

I am SO happy to have found your site after my countless hours of researching!

Long story short??? I???m now 39-1/2 years old and have been losing hair for 2 years exactly. I had my thyroid panel tested ??? all normal.

I mentioned to my gynecologist that I???ve been having some spotting before my period for several years now and he suggested progesterone and he said it could even help with my hair loss.

I ordered saliva test via ZRT labs (Progesterone and Estradiol).

I took the saliva test on day 20 of my cycle. Here are my results: Estradiol E2 is .7 (normal range is 1.3-3.3) Progesterone is 127 (normal range is 75-270) Ratio: PG/E2 is 181 (optimal range 100-500 when E2 1.3-3.3)

I was informed that even though my estradiol is LOW, I???m still estrogen DOMINANT since the ratio is 181:1 and optimal is like 600:1.

Question 1) First of all, IS THIS TRUE about me being estrogen dominant with such a low estradiol number?

For 1 week now, I???ve been using Emerita Progest cream. I see absolutely no signs of my hair loss stopping. I could lose about 200 strands while showering and always find it on my clothes FYI. Very very upsetting. Am I just awakening estrogen receptors? I don???t know but it???s still making me wonder if I should stop the cream.

I???m seriously considering a Estriol cream (maybe a bi-est cream) although reading about estradiol is a little scary.

Question 2) Does Estriol cream raise Estradiol levels? I don???t even know what my Estriol levels are. Maybe a bi-est is better?

WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS. I???m really desperate to get to the end of my hair loss problem.

Sincerely, Angela

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on January 10, 2014
at 03:51 PM

I only have a minute here (I'm at work) sounds like you are headed towards menopause, but asim is right; there are many factors that can play into hair loss. For me? I take Nature's Way DIM Plus to help with Estrogen dominance. It's an herbal supplement (on Amazon), and according to the PA I see (who is an absolute guru on diets/supplement stuff) she said it was great. I don't remember all the numbers and whatnot - sorry. I will throw in that having been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40, I wouldn't touch Progesterone with a 50 foot pole. Scary stuff, that.

As to your thyroid being normal, it depends on who you ask. Seems there are two different camps that disagree what the "normal" numbers should be. I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance in August (by the PA) after years of asking the doctors why I was having so much trouble with my stomach - including the Mayo Clinic. *rolls eyes* She also diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism (not Hashimoto's, although I have other Autoimmune issues). Anyway, my hair was falling out like crazy several months ago, but is now fine. I was already gluten free, and I've only just started (easing my way into) Paleo, but I can tell you I already feel better than I did two weeks ago :o)



on January 10, 2014
at 12:05 PM

Hair loss can be caused by a lot of reasons.

* Aging

* Family history of balding

* Side effects of medications

* Stress

* Bad diets

* Medical Conditions

Start eating healthy! Vitamins B, C and E are essential in promoting healthy hair growth and strength. Vitamin B helps strengthen hair follicles, Vitamin C encourages tissue building and Vitamin E promotes blood circulation, bringing oxygen to the hair and scalp. The best way to ensure you have the correct vitamins in your system is to adhere to a healthy diet.

Check out the link below for more information



on January 10, 2014
at 06:09 AM

Do you have leaky gut syndrome? I have heard that that is associated with hair loss in women in their 30s.



on January 10, 2014
at 05:46 AM

I was having massive hair loss before Paleo. Not anymore. Are you actually following the Paleo diet?

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