Am I doing paleo right?

Edited on August 27, 2015
Created August 25, 2015 at 3:16 PM

everyday my eating kinda looks like this

breakfeast: half an avacado & 1 boiled egg

Snack: cup of cantelope or a couple cashews

lunch: protein and a cup of veggies same for dinner and then after I normally just experiement with paleo "dessert" recipes or ill eat a bananna with almond butter and I stop eating at 7 

Im worried im not eating enough or that I need to be taking vitamins or probiotics 

I'm 115 and 17 years old. Ive been doing paleo for 2 weeks now with maybe 2 cheat meals and my shit still isnt solid. almost everynight I get this queasy full feeling in my stomache. Its weird because I did paleo for a month before summer started and I felt totally fine.

Now im trying to make paleo my lifestyle but idk If im doing something wrong. Ive read stuff about laying off coconut oil and I thought maybe that was it cause I have it almost every day but its been 2 weeks! shouldnt my body be used to it?!

is it possible im taking in too much fiber. I use alot of coconut flour when I bake desserts. should I be doing anything different? eating less? eating more? eating more of something else? I dont feel like  I'm eating too little because I feel satisfied after each meal. 




on August 27, 2015
at 12:08 AM

you are not eating enough to keep a bird alive sweety.  Please look at some meal plans.

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